Sunday, April 1, 2007

Here's What I Know...

There is a difference between knowing and believing.

From this point forward, I will tell you what I know. If its just a "belief", I will intentionally make that clear. Knowledge is power, beliefs only possess the power given to it by the believer. Knowledge is truth, never changes and is all existing. Truth just is.

I once was lost and then I found that although I have come to understand the light, I continued to wander in outer darkness. Outer darkness exists within our realm. Many of us exist there and do not know it. The only way out of this confinement facility is to follow the LIGHT. Which is TRUTH.

The wiser I become, the more dumb I realize I can be. And as soon I realize I know, something, I realize I know so very little. However, in my heart I am convinced that I truly know all things, I only have not come to realize it.

The being we refer to as God, is a tremendous and all powerful FORCE. He has physically touched me and allowed me to realize his existence and undying love form me. For this I will forever be completely overwhelmed and eternally greatful, how I can be connected to something so tremendous and wonderful and beautiful. This is truly a gift.

The Son of God was never referred to as Jesus, his name is Yashua or Yahoshua. He is alive and answers to whatever you call him, because he knows and understands your heart. He is full of compassion, and indescribeable acceptance. He's perfect.

The name Jesus, which in Roman numerics equals 888 (revealed through a dream I had), can be multiplied by two which equals 1776. The number 1776 breaks down to 666 in both Roman and Babylonian numerics if properly applied.

His true name is Yahoshua, the anointed one who came down to show us the way. He is everything he said he was, he exists and will return as he stated. However, as he was expected to come the first time, and came in a totally unexpected way, so this shall happen again.

Christ shall return, I have seen the second coming and it will be exactly as stated in II Peter 3:10-12. Everything that exists in him, which walks in truth, shall remain with him at his appearing. Everything that is false and exists in the realm of lies will disintigrate at his appearing. No seven years of tribulation. No rule and reign of antichrist, no third coming of Christ. Prepare yourselves for the unveiling.

I am cyclical. Life is cyclical, to what degree, I do not completely understand. However, to continue to resist the cycles in my existence is to continue to resist myself. This only causes me, grief, guilt and pain. I release myself from the mental prison I have created for myself and accept who I am to be free. I'm finally learning the meaning of love and what it means to love myself.

History never ceases to repeat itself. Its a law. What has happened before, will happen again. There is no new thing under the sun. It has all been done before. Therefore, I am convinced that all the technology we now possess, we possessed once before, and because we did not love ourselves and understood who we truly were, we destroyed ourselves. Not God. Us.

Karma is real. Whatever you want to call it. The bible calls it sowing and reaping. Whatever you so, you are going to reap. Its a law. I have proven it for myself and I know it to be true. The things that happen to us in life, we bring upon our ownselves whether we do intentionally or unintentionally. Life's purpose is to teach us about ourselves and assist us in our spiritual development. We ultimately attract what we need, whether it be good or bad.

There is good and negative. Whether you call it God and the Devil, whether they be specific personalities, I do not know. All I KNOW, is they exist, good and evil. I know that they are both necessary.

The bible is a POWERFUL book. It contains the LIGHT of truth. Many of the words contained in this book are living and powerfully creative. However, many are also destructive and equally as powerful, but ultimately bring about death. It is up to us to seperate the LIGHT from the DARKNESS in what we perceive in this very powerful book. For many of us, it will be our salvation, and for the majority, it will be our ultimate damnation. This is what I know. You go figure it out.

WE MUST ALL WALK IN NON-JUDGMENT AND DISCONTINUE THIS PERSONAL CYCLE OF BRINGING JUDGMENT UPON OURSELVES. This is difficult for many of us to do because we are so conflicted within ourselves. We've been taught not to judge, and then we've been taught to judge. However, this is what I know, when we judge others, make personal conclusions about people based on our own twisted, perverted and corrupted understanding, we perpetuate continual judgment upon ourselves. Meaning, we create circumstances in our lives whose purpose is to teach us to stop judging people. I'm graduating from this class. You can keep flunking if you want to.

Stay tuned, there is more to come.