Thursday, October 9, 2008

Military Preparing for Martial Law

In 2006 I began having dreams of Martial Law in America. At that time I produced a tract called Martial Law is Coming. I distributed hundreds of them and have no more master copies. If you received this pamphlet, can you please contact me? Thank you!

Why should you be concerned? In my dream Martial Law changed America as we know it in every possible way.

Husbands were seperated from their wives. People were deported from their current home to their place of birth even it they were only born in another State!

People were removed from their homes and assigned to Public Housing Tentaments specifically set up for civillian populations. You were not allowed to be in any housing tentament you were not assigned to.

The housing tentaments were gated, fenced in, and the tenants live in squalor. There is no running water, or toilet facilities.

Travel was extremely restricted, simply not allowed and enforced by military and police by use of high tech flying devices and highly organized street sweeping.

Food was simply not available as it is today. In order to buy food you must have a special identification. If you do not have it, you are not allowed to buy food. However, I saw simpathyzers on the inside who were concerned about this plight and there were underground movements and days set up where at certain places you could get food without an ID.

I saw the military patrolling state lines and people were simply not allowed to leave the state that they were in. I saw people with packs and travelling at night trying to move and had to hide their belongings during the day for fear of theft.

I saw enforced vaccinations and imprisonments. I saw the institution of biochip implanting and this was being enforced by the police.

I saw insurrections within law enforcement as some of the police were opposed to the new policies but had to keep much of what they intended to do to break away from this regime in secret. However, it was clear to me that there would be a revolution.

I saw riots and civil war. Much of what I saw had to do with christians being caught in the middle of the protests and the brunt of police brutality as their non-christian supporters watched silently from the sidelines.

I saw bombs over America. I saw nuclear fallout. I saw God work miracles on the behalf of those who believe. I saw people helping people.

What can you do? First I would say, pray. A simple prayer like God, please help me is sufficient. God will. Listen in your heart for an answer from God. You will hear it if you listen. God will show you what to do and where to go. God will provide for your every need.

Secondly, there is much you can do for your country in many different ways. There will be many people doing many different things and serving in many different capacities. You have your gift, talent, skill and/or abilities. You will be used in those areas. Stay open and look for open doors that will lead you in that direction. No one can tell you what you should do. It is for each of us to understand and know our place in the world. Now is your time. Be encouraged. Stay alert. Have faith. Do not lose hope.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post. You have my love and support.