Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz

Let's see if i can post on the swine flu today. Please consider the words of this video. Trust in God, not the Government.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu, Knowledge Enables Prevention

4th test. Can i post videos to my blog from youtube on the issue of the day? So far, no.

Avian/Swine flu epidemic:Who is behind it??

Did you know that Baxter Pharmaceuticals put live bird flu in their inoculations? This is also a test to see if I can post videos. Speaking of dead ferrets, a search on dead birds will also reveal interesting details. So much news is being suppressed right now.

The Flu is man made, the Floods are man made -HAARP - False Flag phase 1

Stock up on Vitamin C.

Yuba City CA Chemtrails and Everything

We saw these chemtrails in Sacramento at the same time and expected there would be a flu outbreak. They are out again today, so we expect to see more swine flu outbreaks in the Sacramento area. I will be keeping my kids home the rest of this week.

My girlfriend lives in Fair Oaks where swine flu has already been reported. Her daughter is at the hospital today being tested after coming down with a case of the flu herself. Pray for them that they test negative. A positive testing could cause an indefinite quarantine.

Swine Flu is Manmade

Youtube is not allowing me to post text messages or add videos to my blog regarding the swine flu and chemtrails.

Please check out this video:

"Countdown to Doomsday" Methane Release MSNBC

The reason I am posting this today is in response to the Presidents comments today on Global Warming. His plan is to scale back human carbon footprints. I am here to state again, for the record, global warming has little to do with human activity and is the direct result of methane releases happening all over the planet, especially in the ocean and through underwater volcanic activity. This issue cannot and will not be addressed until the only answer is to evacuate. Then we will be told the truth.

Therefore, continue to watch releases on this issue to increase where methane related CO2 releases become increasingly clear. Permafrost is melting. Methane is releasing. CO2 levels are rising. Abrupt Climate Change is coming. See Government Report:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DHS Checkpoint Blog Entry 14: Obedience Training

As many of you are aware, at this time, I am very concerned about highway checkpoints. i have received premonitions that soon state travel will be restricted from state to state without permission. I believe the time is much closer than when i had th dreams in 2005-2006.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How Mexico Can End the 'War on Drugs'

I think this video addresses the facts of the issue most concisely. Did Obama make any negotiations regarding decriminalization during his trip to Mexico? I think he did. Will there be a surprise announcement from Hillary Clinton or some other female politician this month? I am looking forward to that as well. My standpoint is the decriminalization of drugs will be a war tactic and economic answer which will prove futile for us but lucrative for the Feds.

Senate Bill #349

Friday, April 24, 2009

Astronaut Demands Obama Release The 'Alien UFO Files' 23 4 2009

Disclosure this year?

Killer Bird Flu In Chemtrails Sprayed Soon Death In The Air in 2009

The idea that Pharmaceutical Companies are behind the chemtrail outbreaks is a no-brainer. We definitely see a pattern here with the media trying to trivialize real issues. Good luck with trying to tell people about chemtrails after they see this movie.

'heightened concern' over new flue-like virus breakout (Swine flu?)

Better updated info on this issue. Check out comments on YouTube for links and info.

Avian/Swine Flu Update - April 23 09

Scientist have "NEVER SEEN THE VIRUS BEFORE"!!!! Late season flu is due to chemtrails. I am convinced all the outbreaks are.

I said last week, when they were spraying chemtrails over here in California to look for another flu outbreak! Please follow my blog. I am watching.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Video Caught On Tape News Reporter Crew Gets Detained By A Police Officer In El Paso Texas

More civil rights violations. I'd be interested to learn exactly what is the thinking involved in the officer's actions. I am sure he would not act without having received some sense of encouragement from officials.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mysterious object in night sky over Manhattan

We cannot get away from these orbs right now. They are everywhere. These are consistent with the ones I began seeing in my visions of 2004. Intuitively I sensed that they were energy light beings and the military was completely aware of them. Why they are manifesting now is a good question. See Edgar Mitchell on CNN yesterday reporting that he has been given permission by the Pentagon to reveal the truth about extraterrestrial life.


Orange UFOs

Machines & Organisms Have Already Melded!

I looked up in the sky and I saw two gigantic UFOs that covered our entire neighborhood. They looked like highly technological sea creatures. They were in the form of a Manta Ray (stingray) but they appeared ethereal like Jellyfish. You could see through them. Inside they had brilliant and colorful lights, but the overall color of them were orange. They hovered over the area and gave off a low humming vibrational sound. What struck me about them most is they were breathing. They were alive!

Was this just a dream or was this a glimpse of the future? I went on to see extraterrestrials who communicated telepathically. I saw them close up and viewed all their features. They had the ability to read minds and inhabit human bodies. The entire scene struck horror within me and my immediate response was, pray to God.

This vision has never left my mind. I had it in 1997 and through my research and study have been able to confirm every detail through the experience and documentation of witness sightings and the testimony of abductees. Now science is revealing the technology to blend biological matter with technology creating the possibility of thinking, living, breathing machines. (See: Image of the Beast)

Friday, April 17, 2009

The US Collapse Of 2009 Glen Beck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice the Graph Chart in this video. Watch this video, then watch the following video. Just food for thought.

The Day of the Dollar (Roel van Broekhoven, Backlight 2005)

Notice the Graph Chart in this video.

Obama Marijuana Policy (MPP-TV)

What is the difference between decriminalizing marijuana and legalization? I predict he will decriminalize marijuana, whatever that means. However, this will not be the answer people expect. Rather it will be an omen as to how bad the economy really is and evidence of its lack of recovery.

Baptist pastor beaten + tazed by Border patrol - 11 stitches

I told you in 2006 I had dreams that they would set up boarder check points between states and travel would be restricted. Many of my dreams from 2005-2006 have manifested in 2008-2009. My Lord.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Did I Take a picture of a UFO?


We had a very eerie experience at Mount Hamilton this week. The cows were acting really weird. We took a picture of them and found an orb in the image and the cows eyes look really strange. Any comments? We saw a pink orb like the one in this image sitting over our house for about 30 minutes this summer. What are your thoughts.





Sunday, April 12, 2009

What we chose to ignore

Just thought I should share this information for the sake of people who are new to this site. We have been predicting martial law for nearly five years. We are closer now more than ever. Know your rights while you still have them. Blessings.

Earthquake Update

We posted this video on March 26th after my daughter and I had premonitions of a devastating quake. The Italy earthquake hit April 6th. We could be getting more sensitive. Please pay attention. Blessings.


Italy muzzled scientist who foresaw quake
06 Apr 2009 11:22:00 GMT
Source: Reuters
By Gavin Jones

ROME, April 6 (Reuters) - An Italian scientist predicted a major earthquake around L'Aquila weeks before disaster struck the city on Monday, killing dozens of people, but was reported to authorities for spreading panic among the population.

The first tremors in the region were felt in mid-January and continued at regular intervals, creating mounting alarm in the medieval city, about 100 km (60 miles) east of Rome.

Vans with loudspeakers had driven around the town a month ago telling locals to evacuate their houses after seismologist Gioacchino Giuliani predicted a large quake was on the way, prompting the mayor's anger.

Giuliani, who based his forecast on concentrations of radon gas around seismically active areas, was reported to police for "spreading alarm" and was forced to remove his findings from the Internet.

Italy's Civil Protection agency held a meeting of the Major Risks Committee, grouping scientists charged with assessing such risks, in L'Aquila on March 31 to reassure the townspeople.

"The tremors being felt by the population are part of a typical sequence ... (which is) absolutely normal in a seismic area like the one around L'Aquila," the civil protection agency said in a statement on the eve of that meeting.

"It is useful to underline that it is not in any way possible to predict an earthquake," it said, adding that the agency saw no reason for alarm but was nonetheless effecting "continuous monitoring and attention".

As the media asked questions about the authorities' alleged failure to safeguard the population ahead of the quake, the head of the National Geophysics Institute dismissed Giuliani's predictions.

"Every time there is an earthquake there are people who claim to have predicted it," he said. "As far as I know nobody predicted this earthquake with precision. It is not possible to predict earthquakes."

Enzo Boschi said the real problem for Italy was a long-standing failure to take proper precautions despite a history of tragic quakes.

"We have earthquakes but then we forget and do nothing. It's not in our culture to take precautions or build in an appropriate way in areas where there could be strong earthquakes," he said.

Marijuana Legalize And Mexico Drug War Connection,ALL About Money Profit and Control

I've been getting numerous revelations that marijuana will in fact be decriminalize soon. Look for the announcement possibly this month. My assessment has been that we are having a secret war with Mexico and the decriminalization of weed is a threat to their economy and sign of the doom of our free market. I expect that this could explode into a more serious gang war than it currently is.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Clashes at Nato summit protests

Its beginning to become difficult to monitor the news in flashbites. But the riots have started.