Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Machines & Organisms Have Already Melded!

I looked up in the sky and I saw two gigantic UFOs that covered our entire neighborhood. They looked like highly technological sea creatures. They were in the form of a Manta Ray (stingray) but they appeared ethereal like Jellyfish. You could see through them. Inside they had brilliant and colorful lights, but the overall color of them were orange. They hovered over the area and gave off a low humming vibrational sound. What struck me about them most is they were breathing. They were alive!

Was this just a dream or was this a glimpse of the future? I went on to see extraterrestrials who communicated telepathically. I saw them close up and viewed all their features. They had the ability to read minds and inhabit human bodies. The entire scene struck horror within me and my immediate response was, pray to God.

This vision has never left my mind. I had it in 1997 and through my research and study have been able to confirm every detail through the experience and documentation of witness sightings and the testimony of abductees. Now science is revealing the technology to blend biological matter with technology creating the possibility of thinking, living, breathing machines. (See: Image of the Beast)