Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is The End Is Coming in '2012'?

Few people have destroyed the world more than Roland Emmerich. In his mega-hit "Independence Day," aliens laid waste to pretty much every metropolitan center on the planet, and in his eco-thriller "The Day After Tomorrow," much of the northern hemisphere finds itself buried under ice. In his third crack at presenting the apocalypse, this fall's "2012," Emmerich taps into the angst of thousands of astrologers, doomsday enthusiasts, and conspiracy theorists who fear that a massive cataclysm will strike the earth on December 21 of that year. Yet unlike previous dates tied to the Earth's expiration, this one has its roots in various sources throughout history including interpretations of the Mayan calendar, astrology, and the ancient Chinese fortune-telling text the "I-Ching."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dream of Martial Law & 666

Its 4:13 a.m. and I just woke up from a very strange dream.

At this time troops of officers were checkpointing us in lines but I cannot explain it. All I know is that we were all under some type of orders and we were simply doing as we were told.

I had my bags packed and I had my daughter with me. We were wandering. We wandered into what appeared to be some type of government agency. I was going to sit down and speak to a gentleman when a lady pulled me aside and said you need to come and check your daughter's face. It looks like she did something to herself. It looks like she scratched her initials in her skin and it says D.C.

Although D.C. are not my daughter's initials, I didnt react in the dream. I just hauled my bags out of the office and went to go check on her. When I looked at the child, she did not look like my child but again I didnt react, I just said honey, let me look at your face and immediately I did see something scratched in her skin but as I looked closely it looked like DC from far away but up closely it was clearly 666. I remember thinking, did the lady not notice this?

Then suddenly I picked up the girl's jacket and 666 was on the back of her coat. It was raised numbers as if it had been seared onto the coat. I remember thinking, this was done through the airwaves with some kind of laser without anyone's knowledge.

Then I was walking through a government building and I started yelling and saying this is it, this is Martial Law! This is what I was telling you about. I remember seeing a man and a woman looking at me. It seems like everybody was waiting on the government for some type of assistance. It seemed like people who never needed assistance before. I told the man, if you can get out of America, now is the time to get out now!

The man said, I can get out of America, I have somewhere to go. I said, you need to go now! First there will be bombs dropping over there, then there will be bombs dropping over here.

Then we were going through the checkpoint again. I cannot explain what I saw because I never saw anything like it before. We were not crossing a stateline we were just checking in for some reason. We were in some kind of vehicle that was specially designed for the checkpoint. We would pull into a line and the front of the vehicle would pull up to an officer who would open up the front of our vehicle to put something in or receive something from us. I remember we were in some kind of neighborhood.

The neighborhoods were different too. All living quarters seemed to be closer together and more on top of each other. It seemed that things had changed dramatically. Everyone knew it and seemed to accept it. I remember a lady saying to me, everything is heated through solar power now.

The officers did not look like police and they did not look like military, they looked like a combination of both. Like a new police dressed in black with black baseball caps.

I just found this article to try and show you what I saw:

New ‘LAPD’ uniform is put to the test by police

By Victoria Corbett
October 30, 2008

Police could be swapping their iconic helmets for baseball caps if a trial of new uniforms is successful.

The new uniform being trialled in Aylesbury for Thames Valley Police features a black shirt, combat style trousers and Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) style baseball cap. (Continued Here)

There was also something in the dream referring to a widespread IMMUNE DEFICIENCY DISORDER that seemed to be airborn and in some way it was connected to a pandemic or preparation for a pandemic.