Saturday, November 7, 2009


(A Close Encounter? Or Mind Control?)

VIDEO: Dr. Tyler Tries to Remember Her Abduction

VIDEO: Dr. Tyler is Put Under Hypnosis

The ProphecyWatcher Research Study
by Michelle Collier (ProphecyWatcher)


Existing Conditions:

1. Severe Memory Loss (Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control Electronic Dissolution of Memory (RHIC-EDOM)
2. Inability to Recall Dreams
3. Possibility of mind Manipulations (Stimuli Response Measurements Technology (SSRM Tek)

Between the years 2004-2007 I had a series of nightly dreams or what I refer to as visions. These dreams ceased as abruptly as they began.

When the dreams ceased, I had a few, what I refer to as lucid day visions and one rather lucid dream about Barack Obama.

When the dreams began, I lived in Denver, CO. Upon returning to California in 2007, nearly all visions stopped and my ability to recall any dreams in particular became almost non-existent.

I have also become aware that my ability to remember anything, including sets of numbers, names of people and previous experiences, has become extremely challenged.

What is unusual about this is the fact that when I began abruptly dreaming in 2004, it started with a series of dreams about George W. Bush.

Those dreams were followed by dreams about war in the U.S.; both civil, conventional and nuclear, as well as, global natural disasters, advanced technology, UFOs and

In 2004, I began cataloguing the dreams and created a dream blog online. My dream blog inspired the creation of a website named ProphecyWatcher where I began to compile research based on all these new political/social, technological and geophysical dreams I was having.

My findings were astonishing. These findings motivated me to publish them in a book entitled Dreams & Visions of Our Future (Published by Lulu 2006). Many of my dreams included issues relating to the U.S. Economy, The Federal Government, the New World Order (Globalism) and the UFO phenomenon.

Many of today's headlines were predicted several years ago in my book and continue to find fulfillment as we monitor the current possible Swine Flu Pandemic and Global Warming issues.

The ProphecyWatcher website distributed material (pamphlets, CDs and DVDs), based on this research for free world wide including Africa, Asia and Europe. The information was also shared on television through a Public Access channel in Boulder, CO where I hosted a current events and prophecy talk show, which was followed by a number of radio interviews.

At the time the book was published, I had a more religious perspective. However, through my research, writing and life experiences, I am forced to grapple with more pressing conerns: the HERE and NOW. The reality of everything in my life and what is happening to me.

This research study is about me. My dreams, revelations, experiences and intuition; how they affect my life and what that means for all of us. Whatever is happening to me has some significant meaning and shows either my ability to tap into knowledge of which I am unaware, or perhaps something more sinister. I intend to invite the support of psychologists and therapists in the field of extrasensory perception, hypnosis and mental health. Could some of my UFO/Visions have been abduction experiences?

This is my life and my story. I intend to discover what all this means. How am I having these dreams, what is the significance of my research, and how I can discover more meaning and purpose in my life.

This research will be the basis for my next book and will include my notes, audio lectures, video files and other research materials. If you would like to follow this research and/or participate, please contact me at


UPDATE: Since the time of this post I have received a number of confirmations that my visions were in fact glimpses into a reality of which most of us are unaware, a warning. I have been given the gift to reveal to you your future. Will you listen? Please contact me if you wish to know more. I do not post most of what I know in this blog.