Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Former Kansas State Trooper Greg Everson: 'U.S. Forces Plan DIRECT ACTION AGAINST American Citizens'

This broadcast confirms dreams I had regarding martial law, forced quarantines and vaccinations, as well as, the microchip implant. Buy food and water now. As for the FDIC, they are covering up their collapse. I checked their site in October listing 96 bank closures in Aug. Checked in November and they changed it from 96 to about 12 closures. Keep cash on hand. Do not sell your gold.

Listen to Entire Interview Here - 11 Parts

Steve Quayle Interview 11/09

In my research, I stumbled across quite a bit of information regarding a Russian Attack on America. This information further confirms other prophesies we have received regarding the same. Could the following video be a Russian Military Test? If so, it could be a prelude to war. Keep watch.