Friday, December 11, 2009


Finally! Somebody said it! I have been saying for years that you can breathe on Mars based on my dream of mars, posted here:

FEBRUARY 5, 2005

I dreamed I was walking around on a planet and looking up at the sky and I could see two full moons moving close together until they became one like an eclipse. Then I slid down a very dusty hill where I came to be standing in some type of whirlpool (gully?) or a small flood of water that swirled around my ankles. (I also remember seeing sand dunes and building structures)

End of Dream

After doing some research it wasn't long before I found out that the planet
Mars has two moons which have actually been photographed during an
Eclipse. See photo below:

This picture is almost identical to what I saw in my dream! I found this amazing as I was unaware that Mars had two moons as well as eclipses. I was also equally amazed to learn that NASA had recently found water on mars. One thing that I was unable to scientifically verify was a breatheable atmosphere which to this day I am convinced of, as I have been able to verify all of my dreams with 100% accurate information.

I was however to find this one account:




"There was no one there to meet me. I looked at the man with the white hair. He read my mind and sent back the answer. I am your guide. He walked away from the landing area and the underground passages. He headed toward the red rocks that were in front of us. I can remember thinking; "There is an atmosphere on Mars. Why haven't our scientists told us about it?"

I heard the man answer me, "If they told you, there would be an overwhelming rush to colonize Mars. We don't want that."

"Four years later, I met the man with the white hair on Offutt Air Force Base. I have wanted to tell the story of my trip to Mars for a long time. Friends who know the story have advised to keep it to myself. They fear it will cause me to lose all credibility.

I don't know if I went to Mars. I know there was red dirt in my bed when I woke up. Did I go to Mars or just to Arizona? I can't give you an answer. What I do know is the man in the dream turned out to be my husband Gunther's boss, a four star Admiral who was in Navy Intelligence, and at the time I met him in 1989, on Offutt Air Force Base, he was the Director of Covert
Operations for the CIA."

Breathable Atmosphere on Mars

Today 12/12/09, I heard Aaron Kaplan's interview on the Byte Show where for the first time on the radio I heard someone say there is a breatheable atmosphere on mars! I am sure we will hear a public announcement some day. Aaron Kaplan's Interview