Sunday, September 12, 2010

LOST SYMBOL OF RA UPDATE - Pt 1 - TV doc - why lost symbol IS a lost symbol

Last winter, I spotted this star in my backyard. I could see it with the naked eye. I began watching it with my telescope. I could see that it was obviously moving, almost sailing. It would sail from one end of my scope screen to the other, moving from right to the left.

I wanted to get a better look so I went to visit the observatory at Folsom Lake College. I told them that I would like to view this star. They were surprised that I could recognize this star with my naked eye. When they turned their scope toward the star, they recognized it as Aldebaran. They also pointed out to me the Pleiades and the belt of Orion. We also viewed Jupiter which was situated to the left of these constellations along with its three moons.

From that time on, I continued to watch this amazing red star that was now easy to target by following Orions belt to the north. The red star was also situated between the horns of Taurus. My research led me back to the golden calf.

The orb between the horns of this golden calf is not the sun, but rather a depiction of the star Aldebaran situated between the horns of Taurus. This helped me to understand that a knowledge of science and history is absolutely necessary if we are to truly understand what we read in the bible. Also, I know that I am being divinely guided to understand the true history of humanity. Use discernment.