Sunday, November 7, 2010

Predictions for November 2010

During the month of November 2010 many people in America are looking to the economy to improve. However, this will not be the case. The Economy will be a major source of contention in the United States as well as a prominent topic of conversation. If people are looking forward to economic change, I am sorry to report that it will be more of the same, in fact worse.

In November America will continue to be economically unstable. Inspite of America’s desire to see economic growth, the ability to bring this forth is absent. The sad truth is that America does not realize the direction we are headed in as a nation and the consequences that lie ahead due to a lack of forethought and government accountability.

We as American’s have been trapped in a fantasy world and have left the important decisions that need to be made in this country to government officials. However, as a nation we are in for a rude awakening as it becomes glaringly apparent that we are being deceived as a nation by those entrusted to work on behalf of the people of this nation.

The American people will discover that they are being lied to by the leaders of this nation and given misinformation and half truths. The leaders of this nation will be found to be intentionally leading us into further economic destruction and bigger wars.

November could prove to be the time when the American people revolt to the current economic situation. The American people will began to get angry as they realize they are being lied to and misguided into further economic destruction by the leaders of this nation. Retribution and vengeance could prove to also be a prominent topic in the news due to angry Americans.

The American public will finally begin to realize that the man they elected president proves to be a man who actually resents change and continues to cling passionately to his current ideas which prove to lead the U.S. into further economic detriment. Also proving to be faithful to friends for personal financial gain and seeking to destroy his enemies who seek to hold him accountable. His answer to the economic situation will ultimately prove to ramp up continuing wars causing further economic disaster.

Overall injustice, economic collapse, wars and retribution will be the prominent themes of November 2010. America is coming close to the point that as a nation it reaches its breaking point and begins to get angry with political business as usual and begins to demand accountability.

There is also a high probability that this heated sense of frustration will produce a terrible war bringing destruction, ruin and misery because it is displaced anger. This will either produce a civil war in America of some kind or also manifest as an attack on America itself through reverse Karma.

If America wants to see change, it will only happen through a revolution of spirit and ideas. Otherwise, I am sad to report November will only be more of the same and worse with further economic collapse and escalating wars.

The following information does not necessarily represent my personal views. I post it only to further validate my point. An American Storm is Brewing.