Monday, December 20, 2010

December Predictions

(By Laura Morel, correspondent
The song “Winter Wonderland” would be an understatement for this Ohio lighthouse.
The Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse recently developed an icy coating, as waves from Lake Erie crashed against it in subzero temperatures, according to a Washington Post report.)

Hello Everyone.

I did predictions for the month of December, but was unable to post due to technical problems. I will summarize them for you here.

The month appeared to be uneventful but still had strong financial influences. However, the financial scenario in the U.S. for December appeared to be somewhat positive, but in a deceitful kind of way. Kind of like the calm before the storm.

It was apparent that many people would have a good Christmas. Meaning, financially they would be able to purchase gifts and go about their usual routine. However, on a personal level, we know this is not true for many of us. Due to the failing state of our economy, for some this will be the worst Christmas of your lives. But the end is not yet.

I sense that shortly after Christmas, this brewing storm is going to pick up speed. I look forward to doing my predictions for January so we can take a peek at what the new year will bring.

As for the weather, we are having unprecedented climate changes. Many of my dreams included these type of predictions. Especially my dream about the gulf stream and the ferocious storm that follows it.

I believe the failure of the loop current in the gulf of Mexico is the fulfillment of that dream. The failure of the loop current, due to the oil spill (which some say has continued to spill) is causing a mini-ice age in parts of the East Coast and in Europe. Please pay attention to this issue as it will effect the lives of all of us in the future.

Which brings me to my final point, the Sarah Hoffman prophecy. Sarah Hoffman was a distraught young woman who many years ago, attempted to take her own life. According to her record, she died, and was shown a vision of the destruction of America before she says she was forced to return to her physical body after this near death experience.

Something that struck true with me about her vision, is the destruction of the U.S. after a terribly long winter. Intuitively I knew she was right. For many years, I have been expecting this terribly long winter. I have watched 2010 and bring many fulfillments to dreams that I had in 2005 and 2006. Its as though all those visions are beginning to take place in real time. If this is true, the very worst visions could be fulfilled in 2011-2012.

What does this mean for you and me? Read II Peter 3:10-12 for spiritual and mental preparations. Knowing that we are headed for yet more turbulent times, it is important that we stay focused on our spiritual goals, walk in love and pray for one another. It is time to perfect our love walks because love is the first thing people forget when they become consumed with their own survival.

Just remember, this world is not our home. We were sent here to do a job. Make it your passion to discover your purpose and your inner gift. Work on developing your gift so that you in turn can serve others. If you will connect your heart to God, all the wisdom and knowledge you need to make it through, is right there inside of you. Much love to you. Blessings.