Friday, March 18, 2011

11.0 U.S. Quake Coming

As many of you know, I have had many dreams concerning politics, social change, and earth changes that are currently coming true.

These dreams started coming to pass in 2008 beginning with the economic collapse, the rise of China as a global financial power, mass movements and social changes with specific dream indications such as what we see this month in Wisconsin's protests and Jessee Jackson.

What has happened in Cairo, Egypt was also viewed in my dreams with something devastating predicted to take place in the Suez Canal. See my dream page. Last month Iran and the U.S. both sent warships through the Suez Canal. See my dream page regarding U.S. war with Iran.

Now we are seeing uprisings in Libya. See my dream page regarding the killing of peaceful protesters in the middle east.

There is are also a miriad of dreams I have had regarding coastal tsunamis, bigger than both the asian and japan tsunamis. The quake I dreamed about was also larger than any ever recorded. It being an 11.0 quake that rippled through the United States. An interesting note about this quake is that is was the third after shock of two earlier large quakes. Another interesting note about this quake is that it escalated up to an 11.0 quake. Starting somewhere around atleast 8.0 if I remember correctly.

When the quake hit 11.0 the entire earth shook, making it a global earthquake. There was also a crustal slide immediately after. This is when a tsunami would take place. The slide went from east to west, so in California, we would be sliding toward the Pacific ocean.

At this part of the dream there was a polar flip. In this dream I did not experience the tsunami but in many other dreams I have. I can tell you that a quake this size and a crustal slide would produce the kinds of tsunamis I have seen. I don't think we have mountains high enough in our area to escape the waves.

That is why I am telling you if you are a person of faith, believe in God, Jesus Christ, you will experience life saving miracles during this time. This will be the time when you will see the amazing power of your faith in God. This is when you will see your prayers do wonders as when Moses parted the red sea, or Jesus walked on the water. You must only have faith and believe.

When these things happen, do not say to yourself, I am about to die. But rather say, Lord save me. All who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Much love and many blessings to you. There will be survivors, but how you survive is up to you. Therefore, prepare for you have been given time and opportunity to know these things in advance. As Jesus said...Behold, I have told you before.

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