Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dream of U.S. War with Iran

Dream of U.S. War with Iran
Michelle Collier
May 28, 2006

I dreamed that I was talking to someone who was an authority on the situation with Iran and had apparent inside knowledge. He told me that America would be attacked by Iran. He said it would be the worst catastrophe in Human History. He also told me that the refugees from America would move North in droves up towards Canada. He said they would leave the country.
I began to weep and say this has been prophesied as well that there would be many people fleeing North in America during the Great Tribulation. I began to think on the scripture that says, Flee from the midst of Babylon. I began to think, perhaps we should flee now.
WWIII and The Coming of Imam Mahdi

Groundwork Being Planned for U.S. War with Iran
U.S. Strategy to take down Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran

Gen. Wesley Clark. Retired 4-star US Army general.
Global Research Center for Research on Globalization

World War III Playbook by Project Camelot

Obama Threatens Syria & Iran

Sarah Hoffman Predicts WWIII with Iran

The Road to WWIII [VIDEO]

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Earthquake on New Madrid Fault (NEP)

(Notice the states highlighted: MS,AL,TN,KY,ARK,KY,IND,ILL,OH & MO)

For years I have been receiving premonitions along with confirmations from other visionaries that there will be a major quake along the New Madrid Fault, that would split the area in half, opening up an inland sea from the Great Lakes down through the Mississippi River into the Gulf.

I also had a dream of a global earthquake not long ago. I remember seeing a map where the quake began and it appeared to be in the central part of the U.S. The first quake was large, then there was an even larger aftershock. The next aftershock was the largest and appeared to be global and registered 11 points on the richter scale.

For those of us who have been watching, it is obvious that the storms through the south and midwest of the United States are intentional manmade storms. Dutchsinse has done an amazing job at predicting all the storms and tornadoes currently effecting the stricken areas:

Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

A quick news search of the aforementioned states will pull up a detailed news article describing the devastation: More twisters, flooding expected in mid-South

For more information on Geo-engineering Manmade Quakes & Tornadoes see:
Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques

"It is the understanding of the Committee that the following examples are illustrative of phenomena that could be caused by the use of environmental modification techniques as defined in Article II of the Convention: earthquakes, tsunamis; an upset in the ecological balance of a region; changes in weather patterns (clouds, precipitation, cyclones of various types and tornadic storms); changes in climate patterns; changes in ocean currents; changes in the state of the ozone layer; and changes in the state of the ionosphere."These are the premonitions and confirmations that I have been receiving. With the exception of cyclical earth changes, many of the unusual storms and quakes we are experiencing at this time are manmade. Please consider the evidence before deciding as to whether these storms are actual acts of God, or madmen.

Nevertheless, I am sharing this with you now, as I believe the New Madrid Fault areas are being inundated with storms and flooding in order to loosen the area in preparation for the great quake that is planned.

Upon doing a simple search on the aforementioned states, not only do they link to the news article above, but they also link information connected to the Home Page for the Great National Shakeout upcoming event:

NLE 11 (11 Point Quake?)

National Level Exercise 2011 (NLE 11) NLE 11 will be a functional exercise centered on the scenario of a catastrophic earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ). NLE 11 is the largest U.S. exercise to date, encompassing four FEMA Regions (IV, V, VI, and VII) and eight Central U.S. States: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

To be conducted May 16–20, 2011, NLE 11 will exercise initial incident response and recovery capabilities and test and validate existing plans, policies, and procedures, including the Federal Interagency Response Plan – Earthquake (FIRP-E) and State and regional New Madrid catastrophic plans.

I am sure this information leaves many of you asking yourselves why? However, I believe there is enough information provided here and on this site to help shed light on that question as you do your own research. In the meantime, for those of you who are understanding where we stand; I would encourage you to make preparations (if you have not already) for local and national emergencies. All the information has been made available on what you need to do to prepare.

In closing, preparation for a local and national emergency is a reasonable, rational and practical thing to do. Failing to prepare now is simply nonsensical. Pray over this information and follow your own intuition.

UPDATE: 4/29/11

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Friday, April 22, 2011

China Petrochemical Corp Shuts down Oil Exports

Sinopec Halts Fuel Exports on Shortage as Refiners Make Loss

Sinopec Halts Fuel Exports to Ensure Domestic Supply Amid Refining Losses

An attendant waits for customers at a China Petrochemical Corp. gas station in Shanghai. Photographer: Kevin Lee/Bloomberg

China Petrochemical Corp., Asia’s biggest oil refiner, halted fuel exports to ensure domestic supply as high crude costs and retail price caps cause private refiners to cut back on production. (Source: Bloomberg Report)

Interesting events taking place very rapidly. China is shutting down oil exports due to their own concerns over the war in Libya and future gasoline shortages. This should be a sign of what is to soon come to the oil and gasoline markets. Get ready for sky high gas prices this year. Buyer beware.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dream of U.S. Dollar Collapse

Dream of $888 Yuan
January 2007
Michelle Collier

I dreamed that I walked inside a Chinese establishment. It appeared to be a Chinese restaurant. It was extremely decorated unlike anything I have ever seen before. It was somewhat dark, or the lights were dim but nevertheless very fancy.

I was greeted by a hostess who sat me at an elegant table. There were lots of people there and it seemed to be a very nice place to be. Then the hostess walks over to my table and puts a large stack of cash in front of me.

I look at the bills and they are unlike any I have ever seen before. They were much larger in size than U.S. dollars and strangely I noticed that each bill in this extremely large pile all had the number 888 on them. They literally appeared to be $888 dollar bills in Chinese currency.
End of Dream.

When I first had this dream, I did not make an immediate connection to China. I was more impressed with the number 888. As I did research on the number I found that it is the numerical equivalent of the name of Jesus. However, on that point, I was never able to draw any conclusion.

I also found that if you multiply it by two it totals the number 1776, which is the year of our independence. I found that somewhat intriguing. However, as I began to do research on China and money, I began to learn that China was becoming one of the fastest growing economies. I found this to be extremely intriguing, however it is not until now the significance of the number 888 is beginning to unveil itself and perhaps the true significance of the purpose for my dream.

WASHINGTON — The cost of President Obama's economic stimulus package rose to $888 billion in the Senate on Wednesday, even as an $819 billion version passed the House without any Republican support.

The rising cost and lack of GOP votes could be a challenge for the new president, who has preached fiscal responsibility and bipartisanship.

IMF bombshell: Age of America Nears End - MarketWatch

UPDATE 5/3/11

CNBC Report on "Dollar Crash"

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Prediction: Japan will Not Fall in the Sea

The energy reflected around Japan right now is more of an economic nature and the war is one of economics. There is a sense of great enthusiasm, and creativity, associated with a strong ambition devoted to violence against the country with extreme passion. This energy is strong and masculine. It has more to do with career or business opportunities in the region. This tremendous force has more in association with the mind and ideas for pursuits of agression, then the primal forces of nature, earth and water.

It appears that there are forces who seek to bring the governmental forces of Japan into subservience, or weakness. These destructive forces are extremely powerful they and seek to disrupt Japan's national stability. It appears that Japan presently does not seem to have the necessary power to directly combat the assault currently against them.

Although upheaval of solid and foundational structures are indicated, these upheavals are more in relation to the overthrow of the government. Governmental forces are weakened by these natural disasters, but the country is not necessarily sunk into the sea through earth changes at this time. There are no indications that anything of this nature will occur right now or near future.

However, there are strong indications that warfare, fighting and arguments are at play. These quarrels are caused by dishonest actions or may represent deliberate actions taken to cause harm to the country. The forces at play are deceit, jealousy, and/or spite. These actions have more to do with a deliberate attack on Japan's social order and do not reflect an upheaval of the entire civilization in relation to any earth changes.

Japan posses the power, creativity and energy to overcome these great obstacles. The current trial, although testing to Japan's power and patience will not ultimately defeat them but with effort and directed energy victory is within reach. Ultimately Japan will triumph over adversaries, and achieve success against great odds.

Japan must be aware that although victory may seem unattainable and although it appears that no action is currently being taken to reach set goals, they must not take a passive or timid approach. As the leaders of the nation take time to reflect, the answers will be found to combat this problem.

Ultimately Japan will bring balance to their accounts, and strong financial investments or resources will be employed appropriately. It appears that a monetary or material gift for the payment of their debt will be received. Obviously this is a debt war for them and they are being forced to pay. Soon they will come into good fortune again. Japan take heart, you will recover.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prediction: Military Insurrections

Many of the dreams that I have had deal with the issue of the unconstitutional use of military force and law enforcement. In one dream in particular, I dreamed of insurrections in law enforcement. Intuitively, I know that there will also be insurrections in the military as members of the military and law enforcement begin to realize they are not being utilized constitutionally. The insurrections have been formed and are beginning to come to the forefront. Listen to this heartfelt message from a U.S. soldier.

UPDATE 4/15/11

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Northern California Prep Groups

Emergency Preparedness & Community Cohesion
The word for today is cohesion. On a molecular level, it is the bonding together of elements to form a whole body. This is what is going on in the macro and microcosmic reality. The tearing down of old structures is also involved in the process of building up new structures. As the physical and material world become more deconstructed, the process of cohesion begins to take part in the process of rebuilding new structures from the elements that remain. It is time that we take part in this cohesive process. Due to the fact that the energies involved in deconstructing our physical worlds are so dynamically powerful, it is important to utilize conscious awareness when these energies are felt. Doing so allows one to take part in the cohesive process and provides guidance in the redirection of those deconstructive energies to be utilized for a more positive production of our new structures. In laymen's terms, if you are beginning to feel the impact of a slow collapse in your own physical reality, now is the time to grab hold of that energy and utilize it for productive good. These collapses are beginning to manifest in the areas of personal finance, mortgage and home, employment, as well as, in relationships. It is important to take a realistic approach in seeking to handle these challenges productively in order to maximize the use of such energy at play in cohesive forces. Therefore, we are forming emergency preparedness groups in our local area to blend our cohesive forces together and create sustainable structures in the case of local and/or national emergencies. We suggest that the time is now for these groups to begin forming on a local and national level. If you are a part of a local prep group in the Northern California Bay Area, please contact by email us or post a link in the comment area. Our goal is not to create a top secret, conspiracy organization but simply to join our resources together with our neighbors and those in our local communities in order to create structure, lend support and act coherently in the midst of a local or national emergency. Please subscribe to our email list in order to receive up to date information on this and other emergency preparedness projects.

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UPDATE: 4/12/11

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prediction: Big News Over Budget

Reading by Michelle Collier
Exposing Corruption & Greed

An Active Initiative

The overall situation appears to be dealing with the American way of life, particularly focused on California but recognizing the nation as a whole. It deals with areas of affluence, material abundance, money problems, business success, and financially security. While politicians seek a permanent lasting solution to the budget crisis, and are concerned with the long-term, they appear to have finally nailed down a plan. They overall seem to be leaning on the side of conservatism where the public is concerned and continuing the furtherance of big government promoting the establishment. Another temporary plan is presenting that will supposedly bring balance to the system. These new initiatives, to be determined for a period of time, will assist the drafters in promoting a clandestine plan.

Secrecy, Lies & Deceit

Secrecy, lies and deceit are prominent. On the surface things appear calm, but underneath there is a passionate driving force. The public wakes up and collectively begin to lose trust. However, subtlety, secret violence, and craftiness are all key players here. Governmental figures use the circumstances surrounding the falling financial structure, to further their hidden agendas. In doing so, they will be exposed and be found to be completely without conscience and ultimately and finally become distrusted by the populace. Upon these revelations, people become exceedingly fearful and confused as they finally realize how ruthless those who govern this crisis truly are. It will become evident that our leaders have an intense desire for power and are controlled by their own agendas feeling absolutely no responsibility to those whom they serve. They prove to be unreliable and useless.

Things come out into the open tomorrow and we all began to clearly observes what is going on. A spirit of vengeance is raging in the air. Logic becomes destructive and aggressive, however, it is presented as practical wisdom and subtlety in material things. An intervention of some sort will be sought to take place to help in management of practical affairs that are of a controversial nature.

Idleness, laziness, inertia, shiftlessness and sloth are the words of the day, as well as, an apex of unpleasantness. A time of sorrow has descended upon pleasure, and there is no strength to react against it. Those who are responsible for managing the crisis will surely be the object of this ridicule and be blamed for not doing their jobs.

There is some indication of a lack of interest and low expectations for success. Correct impulse leading to equivocal action; a sense of the matter at hand which cannot be put into words; a breakdown of communication; falsehoods were pushed through in confusion. There is a sense of a confusing situation mishandled through lack of interpretative effort.
Bombshell Revelations & Revolution
A declaration will be made and a public confession as proposals are offered. People will hear this declaration and begin making adjustments and deciding how to make their next move. This declarations creates an atmosphere of instability, and revolution. Sorrow, depression, emotional loss and disappointment. Yesterday's heroes become tomorrow's punching bags. What comes forth due to these new revelations will cause severe pain, hatred, confinement, loss and unhappiness creating stagnation and oppression.
Events begin to proceed without intervention. The collective whole who have been calm, passive and patient, in the midst of this financial crisis, are forced to begin searching for solutions from within and become aware of a larger reality. They begin reading between the lines and get a true grasp on reality now that the cat is out of the bag. What has been hiding in the shadows finally comes to the forefront.

Headlines will be making big news about new actions. Swift and sweeping changes are announced. This news will be unexpected and will be pushed to bring a conclusion to the current financial issue. However, this untimely conclusion causes further difficulties, and delays will be caused stalling the completion of ultimate goals. A feeling of rushed action is prevalent, great energy is wasted in attempts to right a wrong and bring in balance.

This new announcement proves only to create further instability. Decisions are reckless in nature and lack forethought pushing the people deeper into the unknown, unprepared for what might lie ahead. Actions are taken and words spoken without any regard for consequences.
-lived promises uncover hidden motives. Secrecy with a tendency toward stubbornness; plots.

Sweeping Sudden & Unexpected Change

Poor planning, procrastination, greed, and deceit creates a wind of transformation and change involuntarily. Governmental failures and the development of existing poor policies and conditions create an atmosphere of sudden and unexpected change. It appears to bring a certain level of destruction.

Tomorrow, something is going to happen that is going to make major headlines, exposing corruption and greed. This may be an expression of an old superstition, which said that those limbs with which man sinned would grow out of his grave. The Law of Karma or cosmic reaction appears to be executed. And the motto for the day becomes "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."

Time to Grow Up

Grow up and act like grown ups will also rear its ugly head again, as we begin to see the worst side of those leaders responsible for allowing this to take place. The words unethical, blame, cheat and lie will also prove prominent. A spirit of “tough love” rises like a parent forcing children to grow up and act like responsible adults. In response, look forward to hearing the angry collective respond with exclamations of betrayal upon discovering a painful truth as they realize their trust has been misplaced. They feel as if their leaders have stabbed them in the back and broken their word.

The challenge will be dealing with the guilt or remorse due to previous failures and actions. Overall an unsuccessful conclusion has been reached to resolved the current issue although it appears that this result could have been avoided if past experiences had been considered.

Issues Arise Over Land & Debt

Dominion, land and territory becomes a serious issue of conern.
Taking control of the territory around the action. Making something one's own. Making a statement of ownership. However the issues seems to be clouded with doubt and lacks sufficient force. Lack of focus prevents the required actions to follow a project to completion. There is a complete lack of self discipline.
This obstacle has been created through failed observations or understanding. However, this situation will not change unless determined steps are taken to unite opposing forces. The energy involved denotes a loss of trust or the abuse of power.

Fear and hate creates a tremendous transmuting process; a sense of bondage is prevalent. Yet this very fear of change and disintegration is necessary to bring stabilization and preserve continuity. It appears these new breaking revelations move us extremely close to Martial Law. Rage, violence, and extraordinary force, brings fatality.

Tomorrow in America, something is definitely coming to a close. It will be the final chapter for much needed unfinished business in the area of finance. These events will bring in a new transition and a serious change in status. The elimination of excess also appears to be prominent as well as cutting out what isn't necessary. Get ready for news of sweeping change to come forth tomorrow and prepare to be a witness to a the beginning of a powerful movement in the United States.

Now is the time of transmutation and disintegration. The transmuting power of Nature working from below upwards. These will be earth shattering changes that are powerful, swift, unexpected and involuntary.

Two Leaders are Exposed

A powerful individual who rules by force is revealed. He is both hypocritical and tyrannical. He seeks to punish those who do not follow the rules he has set forth. He is close minded and refuses to accept personal criticism, however, he freely criticizes others. He is active, generous, fierce, sudden and contemptuous. He is evil-minded, cruel, bigoted, brutal.

Could it Be?

The other is sensual, idle, and untruthful. This individual aspires for power and seeks to be involved with only those who can help him achieve his goals. He is often scheming, shortsighted and generally untrustworthy. He is often cold and unfeeling, concerned only about personal issues.

Could it Be?
Two Female Leaders Stand Out

A prominent female who is shallow and overly concerned with appearance seems to be coming into the news. Often she is jealous of the success of others and seeks to steal away what she does not already possess. There may be a fear of loss or a mistrust of others. The face suggests that of a dark woman, whose qualities might be summed up in the idea of greatness of soul; she has also the serious cast of intelligence. The words evil, suspicion, suspense, fear, mistrust surround this woman.
Could it Be?

The other woman represents an intelligent, ambitions individual who cares little for the feelings of others. Her energy represents a demanding, impatient woman who is deceitful, scheming, cold-hearted even cruel in actions and words. She is militant, powerful and severe. She will also prove to be deceptive.

Could it Be?

Ultimately these Mighty Daughters who live in beauty, pleasure, success, and luxury, will suffer dissipation. In their process to gain wealth and power for themselves, they are faced with a general unease with their new surroundings. A domestic disturbance or fighting of some type appears to denote poverty, paranoia and loneliness. And these mighty daughters are the agents of cause.

Overall the areas that will be effected will heavily deal with the material world in the areas of self sufficiency, commerce, business, justice, family, and finance. Tomorrow will be a day of expose's, and emptying out finance. Breaking the bank so to speak. It will begin a period of increasing heartbreak, lack of prosperity, and employment. I have a deep abiding sense that Asia and Foreign Debt could also play a key role.

Update: 4/11/11 NEW BUDGET BATTLE!
According to Matt Lauer
"The American People Need to Know the Truth"...President Obama

Update: 4/12/11
White House: Obama to Lay Out Spending Plan

The Associated Press
updated 4/11/2011 2:40:51 PM ET
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress are shifting from short-term budget concerns to debates over the nation's long-term economic future, and everything — from Medicare and Medicaid cuts to tax hikes for the wealthy — is on the table.

Much will be revealed at midweek, when the House of Republicans and Senate are expected to vote on a budget for the remainder of this fiscal year and Obama unveils his plan to reduce the deficit, in part by scaling back Medicare and Medicaid, the government's chief health programs for seniors and the poor.

The House, too, may vote on Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's spending plan for next year as Democrats readied arguments that it proposed "Draconian" cuts to Americans who need help the most. (continued: Source)

UPDATE: 4/12/11

UPDATE 4/15/11: Obama's Fulfillment of Mike Tyson Prophecy

UPDATE: 4/19/11 Budget Cuts

UPDATE 4/19/11 First Signs of Coming Dollar Collapse

UPDATE 4/23/11
Social Security Payments to Go Paperless May 1

Ben Bernanke Press Conference on 4/27/11 & Auction of U.S. Treasuries!

IMF bombshell: Age of America Nears End - MarketWatch

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Toyota U.S. Shutdown-Japan Quake

Toyota to temporarily shut down all North American factories due to shortages

UPDATED: 2:58 p.m.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Toyota has enough parts "for at least a week" to continue production at its North American plants, including those in Georgetown, Ky., and Princeton, Ind., a company executive said.

But Yoshimi Inaba, the automaker's North American chief operating officer, stopped short Monday of predicting how long parts shortages could last or when they could lead to production stoppages caused by suppliers crippled by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11. Source:

Zeitgeist Founder on RT News

Melancholia Trailer - Planet X

From the time I was a very little girl I have always wanted to know things and the one prayer that I've always had was this, "open my eyes, give me understanding, enlighten my heart". As I grew older, knowing became inescapable to me. I began to know many things intuitively. Now I know more than my mind can contain or I am able to convey, so I try my best to express.

Sometimes it is extremely hard for me to describe or explain. Again, before I could read, my mother would take me to visit friends and send me off to play. Instead of going to play, I would wander to the bookshelves and pick up the books and look at them. I remember picking up the Baghavad Gita at someone's house. Inside the book there were pretty blue people with halos over their heads. Inside my heart something told me this was truth. I understood it in my heart fully but I was too young to express it at the time. I knew nothing of the Hindu religion, or their history. I knew nothing of the writing which described their ancestor gods, who traveled in advanced technical devices and that their former world had been destroyed by nuclear war.

As I became a little older, I can remember someone somewhere saying, "at the end of our age winter will be summer and summer will be winter". Again, these things seem to be imbedded deep within my consciousness. I really cannot pinpoint to any one person who helped shape me this way for I am the only person I have ever known personally to think this way. Over the past 35 years I have consistently developed this line of thought to the point of visions and dreams. Coincidence? Am I dreaming what is happening, or is what's happening what I'm dreaming? Backwards or forwards, the dreams are real.

This is not a personal interest for me, but a life long calling, that only continues to be confirmed by the relevant present. It is not my desire to spread fear, nor do I live in fear, but rather to remain on my path faithfully and ride my destiny to its ultimate fulfillment. I pray that in some way, our crossing paths may have helped answer a question for you. Blessings.

Dream of America the Beautiful-Apathy

Dream of America the Beautiful-Apathy
& The White Lab Coat Cult
Michelle Collier
September 20, 2006

I dreamed that I was standing on a street corner and I had a bullhorn to my mouth. I was singing America the Beautiful, a song I rarely if ever sing.

There were crowds of people walking past me as if they didn't even notice. I continued to sing.

A group of people dressed in white uniforms/labcoats that appeared to have an insignia or religious symbol on it walked past me emotionless as I continued singing.

I remember thinking, who are they? Are they some kind of religious group? End of dream.

Intuitively I sense that this dream reveals a prevailing overall feeling of apathy in America. In the midst of cries to unite a nation, the people walk mindlessly by. It could be that this overall lack of hope may be opening a door for a militant religious/government element to move in.

Update: 5/11/11

We Are All Connected!

Great musical compilation of some of the world's greatest modern thinkers. Enjoy!

Dream Checkpoints on State Lines

Dream Checkpoints on State to State Borders
Michelle Collier
August 15, 2005

I dreamed that it was illegal to cross state lines and the streets were unsafe.
Martial law had been instituted and the military were monitoring the borders of
each state to ensure no civilian travel.

We were putting on backpacks and preparing to leave home. We were on our
way to sneak across the state border. There were a couple of kids with us.

Home seemed to be a big white house. We intended to take a dolly with us,
on foot, on which to carry stuff. But were fearful that someone would steal it
from us. So we decided to stash it in the backyard until nightfall and take it
with us then. It was early evening.

We were in the backyard putting the dolly away and a little white car drove up.
A little girl got out and walked up to me. She asked me if I had any oil that she
could have. I said yes. She followed me into the house and I opened up the
cupboard. There were two bottles of oil.

I thought to give her one and keep one for myself. But I feared, what if I need
more. So I got a container and poured most of the bottle in there and gave it
to her.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dream of Beached Dolphins

Dream of Beached Dolphins
Michelle Collier
March 12, 2005

I dreamed that I was at the beach and I saw rescue workers trying to save
dolphins that had stranded themselves on the beach. As they attempted to
drag the dolphins back out to sea, the dolphins resisted them.

I saw an Indian lady standing there looking at the situation and I said to her,
it appears that the dolphins don't want to go back, that they want to stay
here with us. She agreed.

I asked her if there was a prophecy concerning this situation and she said
yes, she believed it had something to do with the Keepers and a prophecy
called the Wedding. I told her I had heard of that prophecy. End of Dream.

Update 2011

We've been having a small epidemic of fish die-offs and beachings lately. Just more confirmation that the dreams have a direct base in reality. Dreaming about real stuff. The Indian Prophecy of the Keepers and the Wedding would be interesting to look into.

The article below is interesting as it mentions possible toxic event and the BP oil spill but no mention is made of the recent ocean levels and testing for radiation.

CNN Scientists unsure why dolphins washing up dead

CNN) -- Dead baby bottlenose dolphins are continuing to wash up in record numbers on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and scientists do not know why.

Since February 2010 to April 2011, 406 dolphins were found either stranded or reported dead offshore.

The occurrence has prompted the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to designate these deaths as an "unusual mortality event" or UME. The agency defines a UME as a stranding incident that is unexpected or involves a significant loss of any marine mammal population.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shut Down in 24 Hours?

Reading 4/8/11 5:34 pm

There will be a swift unexpected conclusion to the current budget issue. This untimely conclusion causes further difficulties, and delays will be caused stalling the completion of ultimate goals. A feeling of rushed action is prevalent, great energy is wasted and attempts to bring balance fail.

Several solutions, or options exist to proceed in the current situation. Each choice seems equally important and a decision is difficult. The inability to organize thoughts and actions cause delays to persist.

Decisions made bring forth unfavorable slow changes, or a slow deterioration of a way of life. These changes may be apparent as they occur but may have taken place unopposed, or uncontested. Policymakers make the final decision and the people pay the price. Failed expectations, disappointment, or the inability to achieve the desired results are prevalent. I predict massive social cuts.

Based on this reading, I don't believe the current talks will result in a Government Shut Down tomorrow morning, but rather a rushed agreement could come forth which will lead to unfavorable cuts for the American people. In the worse case scenario, I sense that the shutdown will be postponed.

If this were a boxing match the President would be Mike Tyson and the Republicans would be Evander Holy Field. They are behind the scenes scrappin like mad dogs right now, and I sense the republicans are going to come out with their tail between their legs. More big government spending is the clear winner this round.

Government Shutdown Averted

"Some of the cuts we agreed to will be painful, programs people rely on will be cut back, needed infrastructure projects will be delayed" within our means is the only way..."
President Obama
4/9/11 12 a.m. EST

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All Out Financial War in May 2011

The following is my commentary of a reading I performed today through several hours of prayer, meditation and oracle reading.

We are in the midst of a Financial War!

The question is: Will something major and catastrophic happen economically in the U.S. within the next four week cycle? The answer is yes. This is the second reading that I have done that says something really bad is going to happen in May.

Short Grace Period & New Opportunity Before the Collapse

We are in the midst of a grace period before a major crisis in the United States. This period of grace is presenting us with a new opportunity. This opportunity should be undertaken with high energy and great enthusiasm. It is a short period and it is time to take a new approach and do things differently. It is time to go in a new direction in order to come up with solutions. Its time to work wholeheartedly and passionately. It is time to put real energy into our plans and follow them through. The energy is present to support us. Its time to say, I can, and push the envelope and move beyond limitations. Its also a time to take some personal risks, be daring and have courage because what is facing us cannot be met with a casual approach. Avoid the sure thing. Now is not a time for sure things. It is a time for new things. It is not a time to be passive in our own personal security but aggressive. It is time to take assertive action, overcome fear and show leadership.

Overcome the Spirit of Apathy

There is an immediate need for change but a spirit of apathy is present and creating the inability to complete the required actions. Be aware of this energy. It is pervasive and prevalent. It denotes a feeling of apathetic dullness, or lack of inspiration. Self absorption and too much focus on ones own issues are blocking the energy for free flow movement and activity of community effort. Looking at things from one point of view is also blocking energy to get things done. A passive sense of acceptance of the way things are must be overcome. A feeling of being disengaged is creating a spirit that lacks motivation, causing small efforts to be made. Now is not the time for introspection, deep thought or contemplation. Now is not the time for withdrawing from involvement or losing outer awareness. Now is the time for concentrated focused and assertive action.

Beware of Diversions

Although there is an energetic movement present that is quick to embrace new opportunities, it is also volatile, vacillates to extremes, and can be highly emotional. This type of energy can cause one to be easily diverted or influenced by others. This energy although fully present, tends to be hidden and lies just beneath the surface, in an emotional state. It presents strong susceptibility to being diverted from one’s original goal. Now is the time to stay balanced, focused and consistent in endeavors. Now is not the time to be emotional or overwhelmed by circumstances or the emotions of others. Now is the time to lean on physical strength to accomplish goals and mental balance with focus and clarity. Put all emotions aside or release them through prayer.

The Kicker-Big Financial Loss

Financial or material loss due to lack of forethought or insufficient planning. Hope for easy success may be in sight however, to move ahead without investigation may lead to ruin. An advantage may be lost due to a misunderstanding or failure to prepare. Its time to take stock of the situation and plan accordingly. There are strong indications that the probability of serious financial failures are present and expected rewards will not be reaped. Payoffs will not be received (wages, loans, insurances,etc). Now is a crossroad where a new direction must be considered. Failure to realize this will lead to sure eventual loss. This applies to all national and personal financial endeavors. What was expected financially in terms of financial gains will not be met due to a lack of forethought and appropriate action. Understanding this, now is critical in all future financial plans and preparations.

Major National Crisis with Global Implications

A general unease with one's surroundings will be forthcoming. This energy is powerful and often physically indicates a domestic disturbance. It is directly connected with the earth, as well as, the physical world. Poverty, is denoted, as well as paranoia. Major discomforts will effect an overall sense of pleasure and well being. This energy is linked closely to the physical world and indicates the disestablishment or removal of a firm foundation. This negative energy creates a change in direction and the reaping of an ill reward instead of a bountiful harvest. This becomes an issue of the haves and the have nots and directly effects resources. Those who hold the world in their hands and have taking a military defensive stand are creating this whirlwind of negative energy and through taking risks and gambling have directly influenced this energy; and in effect are the cause of these results. Military defiance, aggression and offensive tactics are also present in this overall force of upheaval.

This is going to be a highly intensive emotional time. For those of us in touch with our emotions, we should take advantage of this emotional flow of energy and use it as a time of forgiving ourselves and one another, listening to our intuition and walking in love. Now is the time of the white horse rider. Now is the time of complete conquest. Now is the time when we will witness all out complete war.

Alert! We are Headed to a Time of Relocation

All of these energies combined indicate a strong direction in the area of travel. People are about to move. Movement and changing of locations are indicated, with a strong sense of being uprooted. These movements are accompanied by a low level of sadness, dealing with the effects of trauma, and picking up the pieces. Overall depression is strongly indicated.

A Time of Great Unexpected Change

We are approaching the end of an era, a time of vulnerability and a time of great unexpected change. This change may cause feelings of stress, pain and devastation, but in retrospect will be seen as a valuable life experience. Destruction of the masculine principles of ego, rational thinking or pride are indicated (left brain thinking). An unexpected upheaval is imminent which will bring crisis and chaos. Routines will be shaken up by a powerful release or surge of energy. This powerful force will cause everyone to rethink or contemplate their lives overall. All indicators suggest a downturn in fortune, and a crash of some kind. The power is explosive, and has a revelatory effect causing everyone to wake up.

Big news and information is coming regarding our national economic and financial problem. Momentum is being created, actions and events have run their course. Conclusions will be swift, delays ended, and this energy is directly being channeled towards its ultimate end. The moment we’ve all been expecting has arrived. We have come to the final chapter and what appears to be the death of our financial system and our financial institutions. When this happens, we will begin moving into a transitional period from the known into the unknown. Depression. This appears to be a serious crash which will take us as a nation back down to the bare necessities of life. Sweeping change will appear that is unavoidable and inevitable. This is it. This movement is powerful, swift and strong. This imminent collapse will remove all the luxuries from American life. I sense a massive depression. This will be a humbling experience for all Americans. Please remember this forecast was done with prayer and covers the period of the next four weeks, from 4/6/11-5/6/11.

Although I see a period of grace and supporting energies for those who are attentive, now is the time to use this grace period to prepare yourself for these occurrences because America is powerless to stop this. There is absolutely no energy there. All the most powerful forces of energy are moving in acceleration towards complete destruction. It is the same force equivalent to a powerful earthquake, a tsunami or hurricane and it is directly pointed towards our economic structure. This is occurring due to an overall spirit of apathy on the part of all people involved. We have become complacent and watched these things happen. This is not a judgment from on high, but rather a result of a complete failure to get involved collectively. It is purely cause and effect.

During this grace period, it is time to make our plans real. It is time to take control over our personal physical world and get things in motion. It is time to take a realist approach, use common sense and stop daydreaming. It is time to gather together what we need, in order to bring as much security to ourselves and our families as is humanly possible. In the process we must continue to trust and have faith in ourselves and in God. We must know within ourselves that we will make it through this time of crisis and chaos. The more we prepare now, the more confidence we will have moving forward. Failure to prepare will certainly ensure our own insecurity, vulnerability and loss.


It is clear in this reading that what is about to happen will usher in a far-reaching and extremely negative energy with it. It will be as if people in general have absolutely no positive energy at all. Those most susceptible will be those who have little or no faith. This will be an open battle and it will be one of the mind. Those who overcome this will be of sound mind, good judgment, confidence and faith. Those without these virtues will ultimately, and I am sure of this, begin vibrating on a very low frequency of negativity, poverty of spirit, and depression. An overall spirit of discouragement will cover this oncoming, sweeping, widespread devastation.

This complete commentary is defined purely by divination and is an exact reading of the oracle. I have derived the meaning from my own ability to divine and interpret oracles using prayer and my own intuition/inner guidance. I have not imposed my own personal view to it in any way.

However, on a personal note, I will suggest that, if you have not already done so, begin backing up your hard drives and downloading all the information you will need from the internet now. You will also want to print as much as possible that you plan to keep indefinitely. I have not done a reading on electrical power, but I have had dreams and premonitions regarding power outages and that will ultimately follow the collapse. This reading has been presented to you in love and in faith. Please use it to your advantage and contact me with any comments, questions or concerns.

Update: April 9, 2011

Already in April we are beginning to hear talk of removing the U.S. Dollar as the world reserve currency. When this finally happens, the dollar will collapse. Keep watching and praying.

Update: April 10, 2011

Update: 4/11/11
According to Matt Lauer
"The American People Need to Know the Truth"...President Obama

UPDATE: 5/4/11 Dollar Crash

See All Out Financial War in May Part 2

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dream of Bright Blue UFO

This image was sent to me from one of my readers when this dream was first published.

Dream of Bright Blue UFO
September 13, 2004
Michelle Collier

I dreamed that I was camping and I looked out of my tent up toward the sky. There was a bright neon blue light that was moving very quickly across the sky. It was somewhat transparent and it looked like the moon except it was neon blue. As it moved closer to the trees it transformed into a vehicle in appearance similar to what a flying saucer or space ship might look like. It still looked like it was made out of neon blue light.

As it disappeared behind the trees, suddenly a helicopter flew right near it and hovered over the trees. The helicopter had USA on the side of it along with some other words. Suddenly I looked ahead and I saw an alien lurched on top of a car. He was in a catlike position as if he was about to pounce. There was an officer standing in front of him with a flashlight. The alien looked exactly like the ones many claim to have seen. Skinny,large head and big black eyes. It was my sense the thing was evil, even demonic and that the spacecraft was extra-dimensional. Meaning, it is able to travel from one dimension to another. (I have gathered from many dreams that beside man-made military UFOs, and extra-dimensional craft, there are also some UFOs that are living, breathing vehicles or creatures of some kind. They also seem to be extra-dimensional.) End of dream.

Update 2011

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dream of Radioactive Ocean Water

April 2, 2011
Dream of Radioactive Ocean Water
Michelle Collier

I dreamed that some scientist were out in the ocean and they were checking the oceans for radioactive material. They decided to cut one of the buoys in the ocean to look inside. Inside the buoy there was a vapor of smoke or column of vapors. There was also some dirt and debris also found inside. The radiation levels found in the ocean water samples were the highest levels ever detected in history. End of dream.

I have a sense that something serious is going to happen to our ocean water as a result of these radioactive leaks in Japan and elsewhere. I would really appreciate your comments, as this is getting more and more serious as each day passes. Some open and intelligent discussion needs to take place about these issues. I will be looking into radioactive ocean sampling for further information and keep you posted.

In the process, I have found that buoys in the ocean are geared with special equipment for detecting chemicals.

Estuarine Science
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

How do we measure chlorophyll a?

Chlorophyll a can be measured in several ways.
Individual samples of chlorophyll a are measured by filtering a known amount of sample water through a glass fiber filter. The filter paper itself is used for the analysis. The filter is ground up in an acetone solution and either a fluorometer or spectrophotometer is used to read the light transmission at a given wavelength, which in turn is used to calculate the concentration of chlorophyll a.

Measurements are made with a fluorometer in the field. The water sample is exposed to light of a single wavelength. Some substances in the water sample, including chlorophyll a, will give off light, fluoresce, in response to the light. The amount of light emitted by the chlorophyll a is measured and used to calculate the chlorophyll a concentration. A field fluorometer needs to be calibrated with filtered samples. This is the method used on the buoys in Narragansett Bay.


Update: ABC News April 4, 2011

Update UK News April 8, 2011
Vast field of debris from Japan Tsunami Floating towards U.S. West Coast

Update April 9, 2011
There Are No Safe Levels of Radiation
Radiation from Japan is now detectable in the atmosphere, rain water and food chain in North America. Fukushima reactors are still out of control and hold 10 times more nuclear fuel than there was at Chernobyl, thousands of times more than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The official refrain is, “No worries here, perfectly harmless.” Our best scientists of the previous century would be rolling over in their graves.
In the 1940s many of the world’s premier nuclear scientists saw mounting evidence that there was no safe level of exposure to nuclear radiation. This led Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atom bomb, to oppose development of the hydrogen bomb.

Update 4/11/11
Incredible High Levels of Radiation in Ocean Water

UPDATE: 4/21/11

UPDATE 4/26/11


Radioactive Ocean Water Highest in History

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