Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All Out Financial War in May 2011

The following is my commentary of a reading I performed today through several hours of prayer, meditation and oracle reading.

We are in the midst of a Financial War!

The question is: Will something major and catastrophic happen economically in the U.S. within the next four week cycle? The answer is yes. This is the second reading that I have done that says something really bad is going to happen in May.

Short Grace Period & New Opportunity Before the Collapse

We are in the midst of a grace period before a major crisis in the United States. This period of grace is presenting us with a new opportunity. This opportunity should be undertaken with high energy and great enthusiasm. It is a short period and it is time to take a new approach and do things differently. It is time to go in a new direction in order to come up with solutions. Its time to work wholeheartedly and passionately. It is time to put real energy into our plans and follow them through. The energy is present to support us. Its time to say, I can, and push the envelope and move beyond limitations. Its also a time to take some personal risks, be daring and have courage because what is facing us cannot be met with a casual approach. Avoid the sure thing. Now is not a time for sure things. It is a time for new things. It is not a time to be passive in our own personal security but aggressive. It is time to take assertive action, overcome fear and show leadership.

Overcome the Spirit of Apathy

There is an immediate need for change but a spirit of apathy is present and creating the inability to complete the required actions. Be aware of this energy. It is pervasive and prevalent. It denotes a feeling of apathetic dullness, or lack of inspiration. Self absorption and too much focus on ones own issues are blocking the energy for free flow movement and activity of community effort. Looking at things from one point of view is also blocking energy to get things done. A passive sense of acceptance of the way things are must be overcome. A feeling of being disengaged is creating a spirit that lacks motivation, causing small efforts to be made. Now is not the time for introspection, deep thought or contemplation. Now is not the time for withdrawing from involvement or losing outer awareness. Now is the time for concentrated focused and assertive action.

Beware of Diversions

Although there is an energetic movement present that is quick to embrace new opportunities, it is also volatile, vacillates to extremes, and can be highly emotional. This type of energy can cause one to be easily diverted or influenced by others. This energy although fully present, tends to be hidden and lies just beneath the surface, in an emotional state. It presents strong susceptibility to being diverted from one’s original goal. Now is the time to stay balanced, focused and consistent in endeavors. Now is not the time to be emotional or overwhelmed by circumstances or the emotions of others. Now is the time to lean on physical strength to accomplish goals and mental balance with focus and clarity. Put all emotions aside or release them through prayer.

The Kicker-Big Financial Loss

Financial or material loss due to lack of forethought or insufficient planning. Hope for easy success may be in sight however, to move ahead without investigation may lead to ruin. An advantage may be lost due to a misunderstanding or failure to prepare. Its time to take stock of the situation and plan accordingly. There are strong indications that the probability of serious financial failures are present and expected rewards will not be reaped. Payoffs will not be received (wages, loans, insurances,etc). Now is a crossroad where a new direction must be considered. Failure to realize this will lead to sure eventual loss. This applies to all national and personal financial endeavors. What was expected financially in terms of financial gains will not be met due to a lack of forethought and appropriate action. Understanding this, now is critical in all future financial plans and preparations.

Major National Crisis with Global Implications

A general unease with one's surroundings will be forthcoming. This energy is powerful and often physically indicates a domestic disturbance. It is directly connected with the earth, as well as, the physical world. Poverty, is denoted, as well as paranoia. Major discomforts will effect an overall sense of pleasure and well being. This energy is linked closely to the physical world and indicates the disestablishment or removal of a firm foundation. This negative energy creates a change in direction and the reaping of an ill reward instead of a bountiful harvest. This becomes an issue of the haves and the have nots and directly effects resources. Those who hold the world in their hands and have taking a military defensive stand are creating this whirlwind of negative energy and through taking risks and gambling have directly influenced this energy; and in effect are the cause of these results. Military defiance, aggression and offensive tactics are also present in this overall force of upheaval.

This is going to be a highly intensive emotional time. For those of us in touch with our emotions, we should take advantage of this emotional flow of energy and use it as a time of forgiving ourselves and one another, listening to our intuition and walking in love. Now is the time of the white horse rider. Now is the time of complete conquest. Now is the time when we will witness all out complete war.

Alert! We are Headed to a Time of Relocation

All of these energies combined indicate a strong direction in the area of travel. People are about to move. Movement and changing of locations are indicated, with a strong sense of being uprooted. These movements are accompanied by a low level of sadness, dealing with the effects of trauma, and picking up the pieces. Overall depression is strongly indicated.

A Time of Great Unexpected Change

We are approaching the end of an era, a time of vulnerability and a time of great unexpected change. This change may cause feelings of stress, pain and devastation, but in retrospect will be seen as a valuable life experience. Destruction of the masculine principles of ego, rational thinking or pride are indicated (left brain thinking). An unexpected upheaval is imminent which will bring crisis and chaos. Routines will be shaken up by a powerful release or surge of energy. This powerful force will cause everyone to rethink or contemplate their lives overall. All indicators suggest a downturn in fortune, and a crash of some kind. The power is explosive, and has a revelatory effect causing everyone to wake up.

Big news and information is coming regarding our national economic and financial problem. Momentum is being created, actions and events have run their course. Conclusions will be swift, delays ended, and this energy is directly being channeled towards its ultimate end. The moment we’ve all been expecting has arrived. We have come to the final chapter and what appears to be the death of our financial system and our financial institutions. When this happens, we will begin moving into a transitional period from the known into the unknown. Depression. This appears to be a serious crash which will take us as a nation back down to the bare necessities of life. Sweeping change will appear that is unavoidable and inevitable. This is it. This movement is powerful, swift and strong. This imminent collapse will remove all the luxuries from American life. I sense a massive depression. This will be a humbling experience for all Americans. Please remember this forecast was done with prayer and covers the period of the next four weeks, from 4/6/11-5/6/11.

Although I see a period of grace and supporting energies for those who are attentive, now is the time to use this grace period to prepare yourself for these occurrences because America is powerless to stop this. There is absolutely no energy there. All the most powerful forces of energy are moving in acceleration towards complete destruction. It is the same force equivalent to a powerful earthquake, a tsunami or hurricane and it is directly pointed towards our economic structure. This is occurring due to an overall spirit of apathy on the part of all people involved. We have become complacent and watched these things happen. This is not a judgment from on high, but rather a result of a complete failure to get involved collectively. It is purely cause and effect.

During this grace period, it is time to make our plans real. It is time to take control over our personal physical world and get things in motion. It is time to take a realist approach, use common sense and stop daydreaming. It is time to gather together what we need, in order to bring as much security to ourselves and our families as is humanly possible. In the process we must continue to trust and have faith in ourselves and in God. We must know within ourselves that we will make it through this time of crisis and chaos. The more we prepare now, the more confidence we will have moving forward. Failure to prepare will certainly ensure our own insecurity, vulnerability and loss.


It is clear in this reading that what is about to happen will usher in a far-reaching and extremely negative energy with it. It will be as if people in general have absolutely no positive energy at all. Those most susceptible will be those who have little or no faith. This will be an open battle and it will be one of the mind. Those who overcome this will be of sound mind, good judgment, confidence and faith. Those without these virtues will ultimately, and I am sure of this, begin vibrating on a very low frequency of negativity, poverty of spirit, and depression. An overall spirit of discouragement will cover this oncoming, sweeping, widespread devastation.

This complete commentary is defined purely by divination and is an exact reading of the oracle. I have derived the meaning from my own ability to divine and interpret oracles using prayer and my own intuition/inner guidance. I have not imposed my own personal view to it in any way.

However, on a personal note, I will suggest that, if you have not already done so, begin backing up your hard drives and downloading all the information you will need from the internet now. You will also want to print as much as possible that you plan to keep indefinitely. I have not done a reading on electrical power, but I have had dreams and premonitions regarding power outages and that will ultimately follow the collapse. This reading has been presented to you in love and in faith. Please use it to your advantage and contact me with any comments, questions or concerns.

Update: April 9, 2011

Already in April we are beginning to hear talk of removing the U.S. Dollar as the world reserve currency. When this finally happens, the dollar will collapse. Keep watching and praying.

Update: April 10, 2011

Update: 4/11/11
According to Matt Lauer
"The American People Need to Know the Truth"...President Obama

UPDATE: 5/4/11 Dollar Crash

See All Out Financial War in May Part 2

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