Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Northern California Prep Groups

Emergency Preparedness & Community Cohesion
The word for today is cohesion. On a molecular level, it is the bonding together of elements to form a whole body. This is what is going on in the macro and microcosmic reality. The tearing down of old structures is also involved in the process of building up new structures. As the physical and material world become more deconstructed, the process of cohesion begins to take part in the process of rebuilding new structures from the elements that remain. It is time that we take part in this cohesive process. Due to the fact that the energies involved in deconstructing our physical worlds are so dynamically powerful, it is important to utilize conscious awareness when these energies are felt. Doing so allows one to take part in the cohesive process and provides guidance in the redirection of those deconstructive energies to be utilized for a more positive production of our new structures. In laymen's terms, if you are beginning to feel the impact of a slow collapse in your own physical reality, now is the time to grab hold of that energy and utilize it for productive good. These collapses are beginning to manifest in the areas of personal finance, mortgage and home, employment, as well as, in relationships. It is important to take a realistic approach in seeking to handle these challenges productively in order to maximize the use of such energy at play in cohesive forces. Therefore, we are forming emergency preparedness groups in our local area to blend our cohesive forces together and create sustainable structures in the case of local and/or national emergencies. We suggest that the time is now for these groups to begin forming on a local and national level. If you are a part of a local prep group in the Northern California Bay Area, please contact by email us or post a link in the comment area. Our goal is not to create a top secret, conspiracy organization but simply to join our resources together with our neighbors and those in our local communities in order to create structure, lend support and act coherently in the midst of a local or national emergency. Please subscribe to our email list in order to receive up to date information on this and other emergency preparedness projects.

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UPDATE: 4/12/11