Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prediction: Big News Over Budget

Reading by Michelle Collier
Exposing Corruption & Greed

An Active Initiative

The overall situation appears to be dealing with the American way of life, particularly focused on California but recognizing the nation as a whole. It deals with areas of affluence, material abundance, money problems, business success, and financially security. While politicians seek a permanent lasting solution to the budget crisis, and are concerned with the long-term, they appear to have finally nailed down a plan. They overall seem to be leaning on the side of conservatism where the public is concerned and continuing the furtherance of big government promoting the establishment. Another temporary plan is presenting that will supposedly bring balance to the system. These new initiatives, to be determined for a period of time, will assist the drafters in promoting a clandestine plan.

Secrecy, Lies & Deceit

Secrecy, lies and deceit are prominent. On the surface things appear calm, but underneath there is a passionate driving force. The public wakes up and collectively begin to lose trust. However, subtlety, secret violence, and craftiness are all key players here. Governmental figures use the circumstances surrounding the falling financial structure, to further their hidden agendas. In doing so, they will be exposed and be found to be completely without conscience and ultimately and finally become distrusted by the populace. Upon these revelations, people become exceedingly fearful and confused as they finally realize how ruthless those who govern this crisis truly are. It will become evident that our leaders have an intense desire for power and are controlled by their own agendas feeling absolutely no responsibility to those whom they serve. They prove to be unreliable and useless.

Things come out into the open tomorrow and we all began to clearly observes what is going on. A spirit of vengeance is raging in the air. Logic becomes destructive and aggressive, however, it is presented as practical wisdom and subtlety in material things. An intervention of some sort will be sought to take place to help in management of practical affairs that are of a controversial nature.

Idleness, laziness, inertia, shiftlessness and sloth are the words of the day, as well as, an apex of unpleasantness. A time of sorrow has descended upon pleasure, and there is no strength to react against it. Those who are responsible for managing the crisis will surely be the object of this ridicule and be blamed for not doing their jobs.

There is some indication of a lack of interest and low expectations for success. Correct impulse leading to equivocal action; a sense of the matter at hand which cannot be put into words; a breakdown of communication; falsehoods were pushed through in confusion. There is a sense of a confusing situation mishandled through lack of interpretative effort.
Bombshell Revelations & Revolution
A declaration will be made and a public confession as proposals are offered. People will hear this declaration and begin making adjustments and deciding how to make their next move. This declarations creates an atmosphere of instability, and revolution. Sorrow, depression, emotional loss and disappointment. Yesterday's heroes become tomorrow's punching bags. What comes forth due to these new revelations will cause severe pain, hatred, confinement, loss and unhappiness creating stagnation and oppression.
Events begin to proceed without intervention. The collective whole who have been calm, passive and patient, in the midst of this financial crisis, are forced to begin searching for solutions from within and become aware of a larger reality. They begin reading between the lines and get a true grasp on reality now that the cat is out of the bag. What has been hiding in the shadows finally comes to the forefront.

Headlines will be making big news about new actions. Swift and sweeping changes are announced. This news will be unexpected and will be pushed to bring a conclusion to the current financial issue. However, this untimely conclusion causes further difficulties, and delays will be caused stalling the completion of ultimate goals. A feeling of rushed action is prevalent, great energy is wasted in attempts to right a wrong and bring in balance.

This new announcement proves only to create further instability. Decisions are reckless in nature and lack forethought pushing the people deeper into the unknown, unprepared for what might lie ahead. Actions are taken and words spoken without any regard for consequences.
-lived promises uncover hidden motives. Secrecy with a tendency toward stubbornness; plots.

Sweeping Sudden & Unexpected Change

Poor planning, procrastination, greed, and deceit creates a wind of transformation and change involuntarily. Governmental failures and the development of existing poor policies and conditions create an atmosphere of sudden and unexpected change. It appears to bring a certain level of destruction.

Tomorrow, something is going to happen that is going to make major headlines, exposing corruption and greed. This may be an expression of an old superstition, which said that those limbs with which man sinned would grow out of his grave. The Law of Karma or cosmic reaction appears to be executed. And the motto for the day becomes "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."

Time to Grow Up

Grow up and act like grown ups will also rear its ugly head again, as we begin to see the worst side of those leaders responsible for allowing this to take place. The words unethical, blame, cheat and lie will also prove prominent. A spirit of “tough love” rises like a parent forcing children to grow up and act like responsible adults. In response, look forward to hearing the angry collective respond with exclamations of betrayal upon discovering a painful truth as they realize their trust has been misplaced. They feel as if their leaders have stabbed them in the back and broken their word.

The challenge will be dealing with the guilt or remorse due to previous failures and actions. Overall an unsuccessful conclusion has been reached to resolved the current issue although it appears that this result could have been avoided if past experiences had been considered.

Issues Arise Over Land & Debt

Dominion, land and territory becomes a serious issue of conern.
Taking control of the territory around the action. Making something one's own. Making a statement of ownership. However the issues seems to be clouded with doubt and lacks sufficient force. Lack of focus prevents the required actions to follow a project to completion. There is a complete lack of self discipline.
This obstacle has been created through failed observations or understanding. However, this situation will not change unless determined steps are taken to unite opposing forces. The energy involved denotes a loss of trust or the abuse of power.

Fear and hate creates a tremendous transmuting process; a sense of bondage is prevalent. Yet this very fear of change and disintegration is necessary to bring stabilization and preserve continuity. It appears these new breaking revelations move us extremely close to Martial Law. Rage, violence, and extraordinary force, brings fatality.

Tomorrow in America, something is definitely coming to a close. It will be the final chapter for much needed unfinished business in the area of finance. These events will bring in a new transition and a serious change in status. The elimination of excess also appears to be prominent as well as cutting out what isn't necessary. Get ready for news of sweeping change to come forth tomorrow and prepare to be a witness to a the beginning of a powerful movement in the United States.

Now is the time of transmutation and disintegration. The transmuting power of Nature working from below upwards. These will be earth shattering changes that are powerful, swift, unexpected and involuntary.

Two Leaders are Exposed

A powerful individual who rules by force is revealed. He is both hypocritical and tyrannical. He seeks to punish those who do not follow the rules he has set forth. He is close minded and refuses to accept personal criticism, however, he freely criticizes others. He is active, generous, fierce, sudden and contemptuous. He is evil-minded, cruel, bigoted, brutal.

Could it Be?

The other is sensual, idle, and untruthful. This individual aspires for power and seeks to be involved with only those who can help him achieve his goals. He is often scheming, shortsighted and generally untrustworthy. He is often cold and unfeeling, concerned only about personal issues.

Could it Be?
Two Female Leaders Stand Out

A prominent female who is shallow and overly concerned with appearance seems to be coming into the news. Often she is jealous of the success of others and seeks to steal away what she does not already possess. There may be a fear of loss or a mistrust of others. The face suggests that of a dark woman, whose qualities might be summed up in the idea of greatness of soul; she has also the serious cast of intelligence. The words evil, suspicion, suspense, fear, mistrust surround this woman.
Could it Be?

The other woman represents an intelligent, ambitions individual who cares little for the feelings of others. Her energy represents a demanding, impatient woman who is deceitful, scheming, cold-hearted even cruel in actions and words. She is militant, powerful and severe. She will also prove to be deceptive.

Could it Be?

Ultimately these Mighty Daughters who live in beauty, pleasure, success, and luxury, will suffer dissipation. In their process to gain wealth and power for themselves, they are faced with a general unease with their new surroundings. A domestic disturbance or fighting of some type appears to denote poverty, paranoia and loneliness. And these mighty daughters are the agents of cause.

Overall the areas that will be effected will heavily deal with the material world in the areas of self sufficiency, commerce, business, justice, family, and finance. Tomorrow will be a day of expose's, and emptying out finance. Breaking the bank so to speak. It will begin a period of increasing heartbreak, lack of prosperity, and employment. I have a deep abiding sense that Asia and Foreign Debt could also play a key role.

Update: 4/11/11 NEW BUDGET BATTLE!
According to Matt Lauer
"The American People Need to Know the Truth"...President Obama

Update: 4/12/11
White House: Obama to Lay Out Spending Plan

The Associated Press
updated 4/11/2011 2:40:51 PM ET
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress are shifting from short-term budget concerns to debates over the nation's long-term economic future, and everything — from Medicare and Medicaid cuts to tax hikes for the wealthy — is on the table.

Much will be revealed at midweek, when the House of Republicans and Senate are expected to vote on a budget for the remainder of this fiscal year and Obama unveils his plan to reduce the deficit, in part by scaling back Medicare and Medicaid, the government's chief health programs for seniors and the poor.

The House, too, may vote on Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's spending plan for next year as Democrats readied arguments that it proposed "Draconian" cuts to Americans who need help the most. (continued: Source)

UPDATE: 4/12/11

UPDATE 4/15/11: Obama's Fulfillment of Mike Tyson Prophecy

UPDATE: 4/19/11 Budget Cuts

UPDATE 4/19/11 First Signs of Coming Dollar Collapse

UPDATE 4/23/11
Social Security Payments to Go Paperless May 1

Ben Bernanke Press Conference on 4/27/11 & Auction of U.S. Treasuries!

IMF bombshell: Age of America Nears End - MarketWatch

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