Friday, April 15, 2011

Prediction: Japan will Not Fall in the Sea

The energy reflected around Japan right now is more of an economic nature and the war is one of economics. There is a sense of great enthusiasm, and creativity, associated with a strong ambition devoted to violence against the country with extreme passion. This energy is strong and masculine. It has more to do with career or business opportunities in the region. This tremendous force has more in association with the mind and ideas for pursuits of agression, then the primal forces of nature, earth and water.

It appears that there are forces who seek to bring the governmental forces of Japan into subservience, or weakness. These destructive forces are extremely powerful they and seek to disrupt Japan's national stability. It appears that Japan presently does not seem to have the necessary power to directly combat the assault currently against them.

Although upheaval of solid and foundational structures are indicated, these upheavals are more in relation to the overthrow of the government. Governmental forces are weakened by these natural disasters, but the country is not necessarily sunk into the sea through earth changes at this time. There are no indications that anything of this nature will occur right now or near future.

However, there are strong indications that warfare, fighting and arguments are at play. These quarrels are caused by dishonest actions or may represent deliberate actions taken to cause harm to the country. The forces at play are deceit, jealousy, and/or spite. These actions have more to do with a deliberate attack on Japan's social order and do not reflect an upheaval of the entire civilization in relation to any earth changes.

Japan posses the power, creativity and energy to overcome these great obstacles. The current trial, although testing to Japan's power and patience will not ultimately defeat them but with effort and directed energy victory is within reach. Ultimately Japan will triumph over adversaries, and achieve success against great odds.

Japan must be aware that although victory may seem unattainable and although it appears that no action is currently being taken to reach set goals, they must not take a passive or timid approach. As the leaders of the nation take time to reflect, the answers will be found to combat this problem.

Ultimately Japan will bring balance to their accounts, and strong financial investments or resources will be employed appropriately. It appears that a monetary or material gift for the payment of their debt will be received. Obviously this is a debt war for them and they are being forced to pay. Soon they will come into good fortune again. Japan take heart, you will recover.

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