Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shut Down in 24 Hours?

Reading 4/8/11 5:34 pm

There will be a swift unexpected conclusion to the current budget issue. This untimely conclusion causes further difficulties, and delays will be caused stalling the completion of ultimate goals. A feeling of rushed action is prevalent, great energy is wasted and attempts to bring balance fail.

Several solutions, or options exist to proceed in the current situation. Each choice seems equally important and a decision is difficult. The inability to organize thoughts and actions cause delays to persist.

Decisions made bring forth unfavorable slow changes, or a slow deterioration of a way of life. These changes may be apparent as they occur but may have taken place unopposed, or uncontested. Policymakers make the final decision and the people pay the price. Failed expectations, disappointment, or the inability to achieve the desired results are prevalent. I predict massive social cuts.

Based on this reading, I don't believe the current talks will result in a Government Shut Down tomorrow morning, but rather a rushed agreement could come forth which will lead to unfavorable cuts for the American people. In the worse case scenario, I sense that the shutdown will be postponed.

If this were a boxing match the President would be Mike Tyson and the Republicans would be Evander Holy Field. They are behind the scenes scrappin like mad dogs right now, and I sense the republicans are going to come out with their tail between their legs. More big government spending is the clear winner this round.

Government Shutdown Averted

"Some of the cuts we agreed to will be painful, programs people rely on will be cut back, needed infrastructure projects will be delayed" within our means is the only way..."
President Obama
4/9/11 12 a.m. EST