Monday, May 30, 2011

Vision: Unconditional Love

Artwork by TingYuen's
Written by Michelle Collier

Unconditional love does not consist of praise and pleasantries, but rather, unconditional love is a decision that we make when we chose to see to another's happiness without any expectation.

Unconditional love is committed to another's joy. How can we be happy when we see those whom we love in sadness and overcome with sorrow? Because we truly love unconditionally, we make it our business to bring sunshine into the hearts of those for whom we care.

Unconditional love, smiles at mistakes and understands that we are all human. In this way, unconditional love is extremely forgiving. When we see unconditional love in this light, we remember that we too make mistakes and are no less in need of the forgiveness of others. Oh how good it feels to know that you have fallen short and it want be held against you. Oh how wonderful it is to know that you are loved and cared for inspite of your shortcomings and failures. Forgiveness must be the most powerful virtue there is and the most necessary in order to be a vessel of real unconditional love.

Unconditional love is not fearful. For it knows that giving love unconditionally has no strings attached. What do we have to fear, unless we are afraid that we will not be loved in return. However, giving love and hoping for that love to be returned is called conditional love, and conditional love will always fail because we are human. We fail.

Therefore being afraid to give love away becomes a never ending cycle like a dog chasing its tail. We will never have the love we deserve if we continue to reach out to those we love in fear. Therefore we must understand that those for whom we care are worthy and deserving of our love just as much as we are equally deserving no matter how many times we fail. We simply deserve to be loved. When we accept this simple truth, we can take joy in giving unconditional love to others and rest assured that in no way will this kind act cost us anything whatsoever, because we give it away freely. Unconditional love is free. Unconditional love is free.

Unconditional love is free. Free from expectation. Free from attachment. Free from repercussion. When we give unconditional love away freely, we will see magnificent results. The joy that comes through understanding and forgiveness is without measure. All we need do is take a chance to give our love freely and see what insurmountable odds we are able to overcome.

Love is patient and love is kind. Remembering these two virtues, patience and kindness should be the standard we desire to obtain if we truly desire to practice unconditional love. The only thing that stands between ourselves and giving our love unconditionally is our own willingness to develop these disciplines within our own hearts. What better goal to have than to develop patience and kindness as we seek to love unconditionally? Let this be our meditation and let unconditional love be our goal.