Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dream of Suez Canal

December 18, 2006

Today I dreamed that I was talking to this pastor. We appeared to be in a country that seemed like Africa, and he appeared to be African. He seemed to be a very poor and downtrodden man, but rich in spirit.

While we were praying, he would answer the phone. When he spoke he would say the last thing we prayed and then address the caller with the name of his church. I guess it was his way of letting them know he was praying?

This last call he received was from a lady, I suppose a member of his congregation. While he was talking to her, we got into his van and begin driving to her house. As he drove he had to keep clicking the ignition switch to give the vehicle fire to keep going.

He was talking to the sister on a cell phone and I could overhear her speaking to him about some bad weather, perhaps a storm that was affecting the Suez Canal and she wanted to agree with him in prayer that it would hold.

There was some question as to whether something would not hold, I suppose it may be some type of dam, I'm not sure. I will have to check. But I knew if it didn't hold there would be a disastrous flood. In her prayer she said something like I believe God it will hold or we know it will hold.

For years I have wondered about the meaning of this dream. When the uprisings happened in Egypt I was reminded of this dream and have been watching since that time in question as to whether these clashes in the area will result somehow in the sabotage of the dam associated with the Suez canal but to no avail.

However, today I an aha moment after watching this video. Somehow the current war we have waged on Libya is somehow related to a Water War. Until today, I have never heard of any such thing. However, it resonates very strongly with me. Pay attention and I am certain we will hear more to come about north Africa and their water supply.

By the way, another interesting note from this dream is the fact that the minister needed to continually switch on his ignition to keep his car moving. I was recently told that this is a technique used during fuel shortage.

"Underground aquifers account for more than 70 percent of the water used in the European Union, and are often one of the only – if not the only – source of supply in arid and semi-arid zones (100 percent in Saudi Arabia and Malta, 95 percent in Tunisia, and 75 percent in Morocco). Irrigation systems in many countries depend largely on groundwater resources (90 percent in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, 89 percent in India, 84 percent in South Africa, and 80 percent in Spain)." Source:

U.S. Government Plans to Draw Water in Africa

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