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Vision of an Atmospheric River

Atmospheric River
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In the following article, I describe a vision that I had about what we are coming to understand as an Atmospheric River.  I will also share my insight that leads me to believe that this occurrence is being used by humans to orchestrate man-made storms and floods.  Please read with discernment and draw your own conclusion.

December 26, 2005 I remember having a very keen sense this particular storm was a man-made creation. I was inside a house. I was standing in the doorway of the back porch, which sat out on the water. It was kinda like ocean front property but it was more like a bay.

I Look Up and See the Atmospheric River

I looked up in the sky and I could literally see what I thought was the jet stream. However, it looked like water traveling in a stream in the sky, not far above the water below. It kind of bubbled too. I now know that this is called an atmospheric river.

I ran in the house to tell everyone to look out the window. We could see the atmospheric bubbling in the sky through the windows but dismissed it. I yelled to my friend to come and see and we both ran to the back door and looked up at it.

Tremendous 100MPH Winds

As we watched it, we could see clouds connected to it, stormy clouds. I yelled, a storm is coming and immediately there was a tremendous thunderous rumbling sound and a mighty wind that began to pull us out of the doorway. The rumbling was so powerful and the wind so strong it began to suck us both out toward the water. I could feel myself loosing my grip. I began letting go. These winds had to be over 100 mph.

A Man-Made Event

As I looked up I could see the clouds forming into the shape of a newborn baby. And it makes me think, the birth of a storm and that this storm was born of man. This is how an atmospheric river storm is born. And I knew all the while as I looked at this jet stream or watery stream of vapor in the clouds that it was man-made.

Here is a video that was released last week November 13, 2012 showing a chemtrail phenomenon that many people have associated with man-made manipulation of our atmosphere.

Within a matter of days we are experiencing a record breaking Atmospheric River storm.


What is an Atmospheric River?

Atmospheric River
English: Water vapor imagery of the eastern Pacific Ocean from the GOES 11 satellite, showing a large atmospheric river aimed across California. Image from United States Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey. Current version of the image is located at this page on NRL website. The original source file listed below may be deleted from their server once it is older than 3 weeks, see list of archived versions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Atmospheric Rivers (AR) are relatively narrow regions in the atmosphere that are responsible for most of the horizontal transport of water vapor outside of the tropics. While ARs come in many shapes and sizes, those that contain the largest amounts of water vapor, the strongest winds, and stall over watersheds vulnerable to flooding, can create extreme rainfall and floods. These events can disrupt travel, induce mud slides, and cause catastrophic damage to life and property. (Read More Here)



Be Prepared for the Man-Made ArkStorm

I am convinced that I saw a man-made storm generated by an atmospheric river that will bring in extremely strong winds and flooding from the Pacific Ocean over the West Coast of the United States.  The USGS refers to this storm as an ArkStorm, although they do not say it is man-made.  My sole purpose for sharing this vision is to raise awareness as to how storm technology is being used to create devastating storms and to encourage people to do their best to prepare.  I cannot say if this current storm will be as devastating as the one that I saw in my vision, but based on the accuracy of my past revelations, I encourage everyone in the Bay Area and on the West Coast of the United States to be prepared for an emergency. 

The Coming Ark Storm

The USGS Multi Hazards Demonstration Project (MHDP)’s second full scenario, called ARkStorm, addresses massive U.S. West Coast storms analogous to those that devastated California in 1861–62. Storms of this magnitude are projected to become more frequent and intense as a result of climate change.

The MHDP assembled experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), USGS, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the State of California, California Geological Survey, the University of Colorado, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), California Department of Water Resources, California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) and other organizations to design the large, but scientifically plausible, hypothetical storm scenario that would provide emergency responders, resource managers, and the public a realistic assessment of what is historically possible.

The ARkStorm storm is patterned after the 1861–62 historical events but uses modern modeling methods and data from large storms in 1969 and 1986. The ARkStorm draws heat and moisture from the tropical Pacific, forming a series of Atmospheric Rivers (ARs) that approach the ferocity of hurricanes and then slam into the U.S. West Coast over several weeks. Atmospheric Rivers are relatively narrow regions in the atmosphere that are responsible for most of the horizontal transport of water vapor outside of the tropics.

Beginning on Christmas Eve, 1861, and continuing into early 1862, an extreme series of storms lasting 45 days struck California. The storms caused severe flooding, turning the Sacramento Valley into an inland sea, forcing the State Capital to be moved from Sacramento to San Francisco for a time, and requiring Governor Leland Stanford to take a rowboat to his inauguration. William Brewer, author of “Up and down California,” wrote on January 19, 1862, “The great central valley of the state is under water—the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys—a region 250 to 300 miles long and an average of at least twenty miles wide, or probably three to three and a half millions of acres!” In southern California lakes were formed in the Mojave Desert and the Los Angeles Basin. The Santa Ana River tripled its highest-ever estimated discharge, cutting arroyos into the southern California landscape and obliterating the ironically named Agua Mansa (Smooth Water), then the largest community between New Mexico and Los Angeles. The storms wiped out nearly a third of the taxable land in California, leaving the State bankrupt.  (Read More Here)

This is ARkStorm from USGS Multi Hazards on Vimeo.

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