Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vision of War in the Middle East

Was Yassar Arafat Poisoned?
In 2004, I had a dream that I saw Yassar Arafat proclaiming a Jihad upon Israel.  I saw the Palestinian people rallying around him and ready to go to war.  Then I saw a really strange explosion.  It was unlike any other visions I had about world war.  This explosion gave me the sense that it was nuclear.  However, my most vivid impression was that the Palestinians initiated an attack on Israel and I saw a terrible explosion.
At the time that he died, many wondered was Yassar Arafat poisoned.  After his death, I often wondered about the vision.  Trying to make sense out of it, the only conclusion I could draw was that somehow it was possible that the Palestinians would be motivated by the movement generated by Yassar Arafat to initiate a future war, possibly in his remembrance.
Recently it has made headlines that Yassar Arafat’s body is being exhumed to find out whether he had been poisoned.  Could this be the beginnings of a possible future and terrible war between them and Israel.  Things are ramping up in Gaza and the battle has begun.  I only hope and pray that things will settle down before something more terrible happens.  Learn More Here


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