Friday, September 20, 2013

Dream of Montel Williams

Today is September 20, 2013 and as I was sleeping, I could hear Diane Sawyer's voice say that Montel Williams died.  I believe it was a suicide.

I know he has been battling a life threatening disease.  My sense was the disease had taken over.  I have been praying for a sign to share with my family that the gift I have is genuine.  God forbid something should happen to Montel, I pray it will be a sign to my family that it is time to take action.  The day is approaching when it will be too late to take any actions and everything that happens will be a result of decisions we have already previously made.  For those of us who have faith, we do not need a sign.  But the fearful and unbelieving do. Please keep my family and Montel Williams in your prayers.

Much love and many blessings Montel.