Sunday, October 13, 2013

Partial List of My Visions

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Dream of the Black Cube Virtual Prison

This morning, right before I woke up, I heard the words 144000 dimensions of a cube. I thought about the 144000 spoken of in scripture, and how it relates in some way to the dimensions of the New Jerusalem in the bible. I also keep getting premonitions that the New Jerusalem is in some way directly related to the black cube in Mecca and on Saturn.  I will write more on this soon.

Every since I had the vision of Obama appearing to me similar to the white horse rider of Revelation 19, I have not been able to put together how he relates to Christianity and Islam. But since that time I have been slowly receiving more revelations connecting the two.

A vision has a seal on it. The seal can only be broken when you are ready to receive the truth. I also had a dream about a black cube and never recognized it. Now that I understand cubes better, I finally understand the meaning of my vision!

Dream of the Black Cube Virtual Prison
Michelle Collier 2006

I remember seeing these short stocky blackish looking beings and they were wearing red robes. I have never witnessed beings like this before until a vision I had of Obama in 2009. In that vision, I saw short stocky blackish beings coming up from out of the earth in army formation.

These short, stocky, red robed beings were performing a magical ritual involving candles and blood. I saw the beings sprinkling blood over the candles.  I stood by silently and watched them from a distance. I then saw human beings transported into a black cube through this ritual. The cube in some way reminded me of a black floppy disk for a computer.

Once inside this computer disk, these souls were literally trapped inside a virtual prison. It also reminded me conceptually of the movie called The Matrix. I remember wanting to report this to the authorities but I did not truly know what to do. I remember feeling guilt because I saw it take place and unable to do anything to help these people get out.

I went to Youtube and typed 144000 dimensions of a cube and the following video came up. In a nutshell what I am saying is:

1. I have been receiving visions about other dimensions, portals and stargates.
2. I have been receiving visions about technology to transport people to other dimensions.
3. I have been receiving visions about magical rituals to transport people to other dimensions.
4. I have been receiving visions about technologies to remove and contain people's consciousness.
5. I am now receiving visions that connect Islam to Christianity, regarding the battle of armageddon, the feast of the Lamb, and the bride of Christ as all being Islamic!

I have been silently moving toward the opinion that the New Jerusalem will be a technological virtual Islamic prison world designed to exist after the world has been destroyed.  The opening of portals and stargates through the use of ritual magic, including meditations practiced in Merkaba (Star of David & Melchizedek) New Age meditations.

Warning: The image of the black cube in front of the sun has not been vetted and I do not think it is real.  This video is for research purposes only.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

WARNING: 8 Super-Signs in the Heavens

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I have been getting premonitions that there are more to the coming BLOOD MOONS than meets the eye. There are some revelations that I have been receiving that can be very disturbing to a person's faith, and I have waited years to share my findings. However, I can no longer hold my peace as the truth is coming out.

Not all who claim the name of Jesus are following the TRUTH. In fact, many followers are being deceived to partake in ritual high magick through the words of their mouth and the confession of their faith. This tactic is so insidious that only a pure look into one's own heart and their true motivations will break this spell.

Question? Do you want God to destroy the world? Do you want the end to come? By the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart, YOU shall have whatever YOU say. The only solution is to pray for peace and love to fill the earth. Otherwise, the judgment you pronounce on the wicked, is also pronounced upon you. Think about it. Judge not, or you will also be judged. The same judgment you measure out, is measured to you again. This is an unstoppable law, just like gravity.

The angels are telling me that a great human sacrifice is being planned by dark forces. These dark forces are masquerading as children of the light, i.e. pastors, teachers, and theologians. These lying deceivers are deceiving the elect, and it is possible, due to ignorance and fear. It will be too late when you realize the marriage supper is planned to serve your physical body and blood as the ultimate sacrifice.  As long as you continue to believe in human blood sacrifice, you continue to perpetuate and are part of the problem.  The creator is not apart of this at all.  But rather warning us to walk in TRUTH and LOVE. 

These blood moons that are coming up in 2014-2015 are part of our solar system cycle and quite predictable. The wars and catastrophes planned around these moons are not judgments from God, but rather a big smokescreen to get god fearing people in a state of fear, to produce more energy for black ritual magick.

Not only that...but at the same time, this faulty knowledge is being used to dupe god fearing people into using their WORDS OF POWER to create more energy surrounding these powerful moons. Do not take my word for it, study to show yourself approved and you will not be ashamed.

Many god fearing people will be extremely ashamed when they discover the truth of what they have ignorantly done and participated in....the ritual human sacrifice of 1/3 of the earth by the power of their own words, and beliefs. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THEM THAT BELIEVE...EVEN REVERSING ALL THIS EVIL...BUT WE WILL NEVER DO IT BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN DECEIVED. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK...THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR. BLOOD MOONS AND SABBATHS ARE NOT A JUDGMENT FROM GOD BUT A PORTENT FOR EVIL.

NOTICE:  The next time you partake in communion, think this thought...I honestly believe that the Creator of Heaven  and Earth, and all that is beautiful, loving and divine, demands blood sacrifice, and I partake in this magical ritual instituted by the Catholic religion, with full knowledge that the creator is requesting I commemorate the death of an innocent by drinking human blood and eating human flesh.

In closing I would encourage you to do some research into the Temple of Solomon, Solomonic Ritual Magick and the Priesthood of Melchizedek.  But you will not, because you are afraid and believe in fairytales.  The temple of Solomon in Israel is a Masonic Temple from the construction of its base in the beginning.  Its construction was based identically to those found in Egypt and created by the Hebrew Pharonic Priest-Kings from the Caucuses.  The Great Marriage will play out as the marriage of the Sun and the Moon.  The marriage of Judaism & Islam.  Blood sacrifice is a magickal ritual and has nothing to do with our Creator, but has and will be the preferred symbol of these two religions..human blood sacrifice.  I have not taken communion since 2005 when I began having these visions.  I do not support any celebration in honor of any HUMAN SACRIFICES, the EATING OF HUMAN FLESH in remembrance, or the DRINKING OF HUMAN BLOOD.  CONTINUE TO DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  



Bloodstained clouds divide Giving birth to a sickening child Red moon on the rise An eye from beyond this world Is it a sign of doom Or a tool for some force - of evil What did they see Those beckoned from sleep Staring into the abyss Wandering out in the night Where these poor men damned from start Or a victim of chance Did they pay for sins long gone Or was heaven just blind Red moon - Black magic The eye is watching The world has bent To the vilest of wills Mist sweeps through the streets From the woods come feeble screams Tonight every sleeping child Writhers with terrible dreams Morning has come Now the spell is broken But the world holds no signs Of those who left that night Now cries are heard For lovers lost For brothers gone And souls devoured A blind man sits under an oak Wearing the strangest smile Read more at

Friday, October 4, 2013

US House Shutdown Congress: Capitol Hill, The White House and National P...

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I am not a political person, but I am extremely concerned about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) because it will effect me and my family directly. For personal reasons based on my own experience dealing with government funded health insurance, I have long ago opted out of the medical care industry.

How I deal with my health concerns is my own responsibility. However, due to my own personal decision, I now owe the government money for insurance I did not request and do not intend to use. This is unconstitutional, regardless to the fact it is now the law of the land.

I am asking the American people to pay attention to this issue and support your local congressmen who are acting valiantly in your defense to defund Obamacare. This is in your best interest and in the best interest of our economy. If something is not done soon, we will see the effects that this will have negatively on American businesses, the medical field, and we as a people directly. Rise up America, please rise up!