Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am a Divine Being here on earth to learn and grow, as well as, share and communicate the Divine Light to those who walk in darkness and desire to know the divine light.  To walk in darkness is to walk in ignorance and blindness to who we truly are. 

What Do I Do?

I teach, inspire, and motivate people to perceive, comprehend and walk in the Light.  To walk in the Light is to walk in true understanding of Who We Are, and understand our personal mission and purpose here on earth.  I communicate through my blog, audio/video clips, mailing list, newsletter and books. 

What Do I Teach? 

I teach people to understand the spiritual/divine life, spiritual growth, and develop their psychic awareness.  Through understanding our own divinity and perceiving spiritual life, we are able to fully comprehend who we are truly and what our divine purpose/mission is here on earth.

Spiritual growth is determined by our ability to perceive and apply spiritual principles to our own lives in ways that create higher levels of personal development and contribution to the world we live in.  As more spiritual principles are perceived and identified, more are applied, and the end results in spiritual growth or growth in consciousness.

As growth in consciousness occurs, psychic awareness or spiritual gifts begin to manifest.  These gifts were always present but unable to manifest due to our lack of awareness.  However, as consciousness grows or expands, we are able to perceive these gifts which manifest as intuition, clairvoyance, dreams, empathy and a growth in compassion.  Once this sixth sense is developed, other gifts can and will manifest depending on the determination and awareness of the individual.  

My purpose is to experience this spiritual growth and development, as well as, share these gifts with others as my contribution to humanity. Please join me in this journey of spiritual growth and personal self development.  I look forward to learning and sharing with you.  Thanks for visiting my blog!