Submit Your Dream

Dance of Dreams by Josephine

Do you have dreams that you cannot explain?  Do you have very vivid dreams and believe that there may be a message for you in them?

Our dreams come from deep within our subconscious mind and reveals many things that our conscious mind may not be quite ready to process.  Submit your dream here for analysis and I will be happy to give you an intuitive interpretation.

In 2004, I began abruptly dreaming.  I have been cataloging them for the past six years and featured some of them in book called "Dreams and Visions of Our Future".  Since then I have been studying and analyzing dreams for a number of years and have learned to see patterns or trends.  I also am highly intuitive and can discern if your dreams have a message for you.  They almost always do.

Please share your dream in the comment box below and I will be happy to give you a fully detailed analysis.  Blessings and Love.