Friday, September 5, 2008

Visions of Riot Police & Civil War

Editor's Note: In the year 2005-2006, I began having a series of dreams/visions relating to the coming and already in effect New World Order, Civil War in the U.S. and Martial Law. Due to these dreams, I began researching the topic and continue to investigate news articles as they come about. Occasionally, in the morning when I am awaking, halfway between dream and conscious state, I will intuitively hear a message. These messages always prove to be accurately detailed information or news related events.

This morning I heard that there was a media blackout on the demonstrations and protests at the Republic National Convention (RNC). A little research proved substantial findings. Amy Goodman (Reporter) for the very popular televised news program Democracy Now was arrested. I along with many other American's watch CNN Headline News daily and have heard nothing about it or anything significant about the protests. According to Democracy Now, 800 people have been arrested since Monday, including 400 yesterday. (Please watch the video 911 Chronicles in its entirety. It will touch your heart and open your eyes. Pray for the families of 911 and Rescue workers who have been forgotten by this government. They will not go away.)

Nearly 400 Arrested on Last Day of RNC

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"On Thursday afternoon, several hundred antiwar protesters had rallied at the state Capitol. At about 5pm, when their protest permit expired, they tried to march to the convention center. But in one of the largest shows of police force during the Republican Convention, hundreds of riot cops arrived on the scene backed by snowplows, horses and dump trucks to seal off downtown from the demonstrators." Source Article from Democracy Now