Monday, May 4, 2009

Martial Law in America

As many of you know, I am convinced we will see Martial Law in America soon.

Many of the dreams and visions I had warning us are beginning to come to fruition on a large scale beginning in 2008-2009. The type of events I am witnessing in the mainstream media, executive orders and military actions, gives evidence that we could very well see Martial Law in America before the year is out. My sense is that we may see it by next summer.


What I have learned is that nothing is etched in stone. As the human psyche changes, events change. This is why we are witnessing a rush forward in events leading to the End of America & Its Constitution, the End of the U.S. Dollar, in attempt to move forward expeditiously with the New World Order, which is a one world Government & Economy along with the Death of Individualism leading to human slavery. If people do not change the way they think on a global scale, global slavery is next aka GLOBALISM.

For those of you concerned with individual freedoms and human rights. Please watch the following videos. The next six months we should especially be on Alert for Martial Law. Everything is almost in place and the Swine Flu Scare is helping to put maneuvers in place for the roundup of U.S. Citizens against their will, as well as, ENFORCED VACCINATIONS (Kool-Aid).


If you are not in the State you plan to be in during Martial Law, Civil War and Foreign Invasion, make preparations to get there ASAP.

If you are where you plan to be, HAVE FAITH IN GOD! God will never fail you and faith will protect your heart and mind from fear.

Finally, have enough food and water ON HAND to sustain you and your family in time of a Catastrophic National Emergency. Remember HURRICANE KATRINA. Don't be a statistic. Take control of your life and responsibility for yourself and your family.

GW Bush declared the U.S. under a State of National Emergency in August of 2008 in effect until August 2009. I downloaded the doc from It is no longer there. I will post it here for all to verify.


I personally downloaded this document from in August of 2008 to verify its authenticity. It is accurate, although difficult to find online at this time.


According to this document Inter-State Border travel will be restricted.
Get Ready For Checkpoints!

This is a mural I did after my New World Order Vision of 2006. NOTICE THE MEDIC VAN. The details of the dream can be read in my blog at However, after studying the Department of Defense document on Pandemic today, I began having flashes of the NWO vision.

The DOD states that people who are quarantined during a pandemic can be isolated on military bases. The NWO vision took place on a military base. Then I had a flash of the military paramedic who immobilized me by striking me in the throat with one swift blow and then threw me in the medic vehicle you see in the painting. I then heard a loud penetrating voice say Welcome to the New World Order. Another dream I had details me within a facility being forced to take an injection.

How telling this painting really can be. Could this swine flu be a prelude to enforced vaccination and quarantines? If this is not it, I truly believe it is forthcoming. All the signs are here.


I dreamed that I was walking in some kind of perhaps military base. There were many tall buildings. Something told me if I look up I will see UFOs. I looked up and I saw a chemtrail and I knew if I followed it I would see a UFO. As I passed some buildings I could see UFOs positioned on top of the roofs. Then I saw some machinery sitting in the sky. Just hovering or positioned there weightlessly. I don't know what kind of machines they were. They didn't look like anything I have ever seen. (It just came to me that these machines were satellites. They sat in the sky the same way they do in space.)

Except for one machine that looked like a giant mechanical EYE! It seemed to have a lens that could focus. And everytime I would look at it, it would turn toward me and zoom in. This happened a couple of times until I was positive it was watching me and could READ MY THOUGHTS. I knew I was in trouble. There were a group of seemingly civilian people walking near me but the eye was focussed on me. Those people seemed to be unconscious or unaware of anything, they were almost robotic but definitely human. As if their minds were blank or absent of consciousness or awareness. They were walking in formation following military BEINGS.

I also saw troops or brigades of black clad military beings. I say beings because there was something non-human about them. They wore black helmets that may have covered their entire head so you could not see their faces. And for some reason I believe I remember the helmets being elongated kinda like the Alien creature in the Alien movie but they weren't that big (See Sunny's Dream). They were marching in troops in different areas of this base.

I went down some stairs, unusually wide concrete stair casing that appeared to lead to some kind of medical facility. As soon as I went into the door a military type of paramedic grabbed me as if they were expecting me. I knew someway the EYE had communicated with them and they were being controlled by the EYE. The paramedic dragged me to another military paramedic standing by who lightly, all I can describe it as a karate type of chop to my throat. I instantly loss my breath and began to slide backward but I didn't faint. Then they tossed me into the back of a paramedic military style truck or patty wagon. There was a window facing the cab where the driver would be and I fell toward the window. I could see my reflection in the window that I was crying and my eyes were squinched up. And I could hear a voice say Welcome to the New World Order.

Believe it or not, I was totally unfamiliar with the karate chop to the neck that immobilized and wanted to verify if what I saw was real and I found this article as well as many others. Next I am going to check on the mechanical eye.