Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arizona Signpost for Martial Law?

Since 2004 I have been having dreams about Martial Law in America. Many of these dreams have been coming true beginning in 2008. I am highly concerned about the years 2010-2011. According to unfilled dream patterns I have recorded, the U.S. will experience Civil War, Martial Law and a Foreign Invasion of Asian Armies.

Dream of Military Excercise and Martial Law
August 17, 2005

I had two dreams this week. One of martial law where traveling was limited and state to state border crossing was forbidden. We were wearing backpacks and leaving home. A little girl asked me for oil, I had two bottles. I thought to give her one, but wanted to save it so I gave her most of one bottle

The second dream was where the U.S. Military was conducting exercises where it impersonated enemy troops and attacked U.S. targets.

Could the current immigration battle in Arizona lead to bigger battles which include State Secessions, Civil War, and Martial Law?

Proposing the Dissolution of the Federal Government if Martial Law Occurs

Proposed Legislation Regarding Arizona Secession as a Result of Federally Imposed Martial Law: HCR 2034. No Word is this legislation was ever passed.

What we have seen is much rhetoric in regards to secession:

Palin and their Ties with the Secessionists Alaskan Independent Party "I Share Your Party's Vision to be a Self-Sufficient

Glenn Beck - 20 States Move to Declare Sovereignty

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Mexico's "centralized socialism" having led to "widespread disparities in income" (to say nothing of the widespread chaos to which that ultimately leads), "It is therefore the goal of Mexican authorities to export to the United States the foot soldiers of potential revolution to preserve their society's culture of corruption and privilege," writes Mark Levin in his hot-off-the-shelves best-seller Liberty and Tyranny."

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