Monday, April 5, 2010

Living in Squalor Dream

This morning I had another dream of the current series, living in squalor, being homeless, begging for food or simply dirt poor.

I have never had a series of dreams, like the ones I am having now, dealing with the economy. Although I have had revelations over the years to confirm economic collapse, the burst of the housing bubble and the astronomical rise in the cost of oil; These dreams are unique in that they deal with the reality of poverty for American Citizens.

My dream was simply that I had built a shelter for myself in a wilderness area, it was very shabby, but not bad. I had used raw materials such as wood and metal and it was probably just big enough for three people to stand in. It had a double gate made onto it that I could open and close.

Poverty is coming to America, like we have not seen since the Great Depression, but people survived. We will survive, if we take heed to the warnings and prepare ourselves now. Store food, water and emergency supplies. Get the free FEMA handbook on Preparing for Disaster. Blessings to you.