Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike

guantanamo bay hunger strike
This article is about the Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike.  My heart is breaking today and my eyes are filled with tears as I consider the souls being held hostage at Guantanamo Bay, indefinitely detained without formal charges or legal representation.

They are on hunger strike now, after years of being imprisoned, many who are innocent and growing weary, losing hope.  How desperate they must be to have their freedom again, be with their families and move on with their lives.  Many of them are fathers with wives and children, whom they have not seen in years.

Can you imagine being separated from your loved ones for years indefinitely, imprisoned and treated less than human?  The Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike is their last ditch effort.  Now these poor souls are doing the only thing they can do to get attention to their cause, stop eating until they die!

Promise to Close Gitmo

My empathic heart feels their pain, and my soul cries out for their release.  Attorneys are working hard to press the Obama administration to honor their promise to close Guantanamo, but so far these pleas have fell on deaf ears.  What they are calling for now is an outcry from the American public in response to this outrageous detention program.

What Kind of Nation are We to Ignore the Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike?

Have we become a nation without heart?  Have we become a nation who hears of the suffering of injustice and simply turn a blind eye?  Are we callous enough to think that we don't have a karmic responsibility?  We must do something!  We are being asked to care.  The prisoners involved in the Guantanamo Bay hunger strike are starving to death because they desire to be heard.

Please Say a Prayer

If you feel powerless and as though there is nothing you can do, do what I have done.  Stop right now and say a prayer.  Cry out on their behalf with a heartfelt prayer for justice to be served, this hunger strike to cease, and Guantanamo be closed.  Each of us can light a candle each day and say a prayer for these prisoners for the duration of their hunger strike until something is done and before somebody dies.  I am begging you to take action and do something today to show that you care.

I will commit to take this action.  Will you?  If not, please see my Vision of American Apathy.  Perhaps it will shake you and help you to realize that what is happening to us as a nation is not an accident but that the time has come to take responsibility for what goes on in our country and how our policies effect the world.

Please Share and Leave a Comment

We can no longer stand idly by because we are being asked a very big question...what if this was to happen to you?  This time the answer could hit closer to home than you are even aware.  Take action now!  Show your commitment, share this post and leave your comment below.

US Military to Renovate Guantanamo

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